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3 best ways to make money online for beginners 

3 best ways to make money online for beginners
3 best ways to make money online for beginners

Making money online at the present time is the most important concern of many beginners and professionals, as a large number of Arab youth have only stable and high income from the Internet, but there are many who have become rich from the Internet.

It may seem to some that we are exaggerating the subject, or that it may be almost impossible for him, when we say that you can make more than $2000 a month, by working on the Internet.

I personally, thankfully, achieve more than $1,000 per month, just by relying on two methods that I will mention at the beginning of the article.

Believe me if I tell you that earning money online has become a reality and you can achieve very large sums even if you have no experience or any experience, and here, of course, we are talking about young people, women and men alike.

In this article, we will share with you the 3 best ways to make money online for beginners, and we will leave you the choice to determine the method that suits your abilities, but all of these methods that we will present are very profitable, and anyone can start them immediately after reading the article.

These are the most important points that we will talk about in this article:

  • How to profit from the Internet for beginners, in an easy and guaranteed way.
  • Earning from Google Adsense.
  • profit from youtube. 
  • How to become a successful YouTuber?.
  • Youtube monetization terms and conditions.
  • Profit from blogging.
  • The cost of setting up a site?.
  • How to get articles.

How to make money online for beginners, in an easy and guaranteed way

Working on the Internet has become a source of livelihood for many of those who yesterday did not have a single dollar in their pocket. Through his research, diligence, and perseverance, he set out to work, without caring about the criticisms of friends or the environment. He is now making very large and stable sums.

The Internet has many different ways to profit, to learn more about making money from the Internet for beginners, I advise you to read this article, which you gave the title of Making money online for beginners 2022 | Earning more than $100 per month but we will focus on the most prominent of them, as long as this article is devoted to profit from the Internet in easy and guaranteed ways, and is directed at beginners in particular. Among these methods are the following:

making money from Google Adsense

making money from Google Adsense

making money from Google Adsense, or more precisely, profit from Google Adsense ads, one of the most important ways that 80% of Internet users rely on, or say those who profit from the Internet.

Before we move on to explaining this method, it should be noted that there is a dispute, or we may call it a discussion between bloggers and YouTube channel owners, specialized in this field, over the word “profit from the Internet.” There are those who call it “working on the Internet”, so they attacked the first category. Because they consider profit from the Internet a misleading word, saying that there is no profit without hard, hard and long work, which is not our topic now. We will talk about that in detail in the next articles, God willing.

There is no doubt that you have come across an advertisement while you are opening sites to read an article, or a YouTube channel and you are watching an explanation or a lesson... Rather, you have certainly come across that and without a doubt, these are Google Adsense ads, it is true that they may seem annoying at times, but it is one of the ways that achieve Including the owner of that site or channel money.

The method of profit from Google Adsense, is not difficult for every beginner, as you can achieve this in a very short time, for example, suppose that you like blogging, or even if you are not, you can learn from others.

All you need is to create a site on Blogger or WordPress and start publishing articles non-stop. And when you reach 15 articles or more, you can open a free account on Google Adsense, link your site to it, and send a request for a review of the site by Adsense.

earn money from youtube

earn money from youtube

earn money from YouTube is the most famous way ever, for the ease of preparing and publishing videos, but not everyone who owns a successful channel, success needs many techniques, information and skills, and this is what we will share with you in this part of the article.

The process of creating a YouTube channel is very easy and simple, you will need to open a Google email, head to the youtube platform, and link YouTube to your email (Gmail), through this icon at the top of the platform.

Immediately after that, you hit the circle icon, and you go to settings to choose a name for the channel by clicking on Use a trade name or other name” because YouTube will bear the cost of naming the channel with the same name you opened the email with.

There are many beginners who make this mistake, and when he wants to change the name he finds it difficult because the followers have already configured the first name, so I advise you first to think of a name that is easy to pronounce and is in English for example: facts, and preferably the name is indicative of the content that you will provide ( Technology, my cars, cats, information...).

Avoid the long name, the compound name of letters and numbers, as well as pre-existing names ... meaning that the name of the channel is easy to pronounce, and that everyone who watched your channel remembers it even once.

In addition to adjusting the channel settings such as the channel's cover photo and profile picture and also to put a description indicating the domain, you are presenting on the channel. 

The second and important issue is to choose a content or field in which you understand, and to be a profitable field.

How to become a successful YouTuber?

In fact, this is the fundamental and important question in this method, as there are millions of channels on YouTube, but are they all successful channels? of course not.

The success of the channel depends on the person who created the channel. The first thing you should do is look for a field that people are looking for, and be welcome, as we said before, in order not to fall into what many beginners have fallen into.

I know that you will say that most of the profitable fields, I cannot compete with people who have preceded me in that, no dear reader, this is a mistake. You can, so that you can offer the same as he does, but your way of presenting may be much better than him.

You can also get creative with your content using new technologies and a new style, and all of this will attract the attention of your followers and they will subscribe to your channel without any hesitation.

more precisely; Content without creativity, without quality, without a flexible and acceptable style, never think about the success of the channel, so you should think about these things seriously.

Youtube monetization terms and conditions

In order to earn money from YouTube, conditions must be met before submitting a request to review your channel to Google Adsense, and these conditions are:

  • Achieve 1000 subscribers.
  • Achieving 4000 watch hours in 12 months.
  • Not committing any violation, violating property rights.
  • Opening an Adsense account and linking it with the channel.

After fulfilling these conditions, you can send a request to review the channel to Adsense, and after you accept the channel, Adsense will direct you to display ads on videos, and you will make profits through these ads, which you will receive through your Adsense account, which you can then link with your bank account.

make money from blogging

make money from blogging

This method is also one of the best and most profitable ways even from YouTube, simply you can create a site for free on blogger and start writing articles on it. But it is really not that simple, especially if you want to make very large sums of money.

Do not worry, dear reader, I will teach you how to write an article even if you have never written a sentence, and we will also learn from where you can get article ideas.

The cost of setting up a site?

Yes, you can create a site for free, but we want to work professionally, so you will need only a small amount to buy a domain and template.

We mean here by domain (domain name) any website address, for example, our website address is this address is not free, as you notice, it is a short and meaningful address not like what Blogger will provide to you, so it will be in the following form: Note with me how long the address is so that the visitor will not remember it.

As for the template, it is the external shape of the site, that is, the engineering shape of the site, so that it is preferable to be a responsive template with all devices, to make it easier for the visitor to visit your site without any problems, and this is what the AdSense company focuses on.

Total cost: $10 for the domain name and $5 for the Seo Plus template, which is preferred by most professional bloggers, due to its ease, good performance and error-free.

After all this, you can start writing articles and publish them on the site, after you have determined the field in which you will write, and it is preferable that your field is specialized, except if it is a news site, and when you reach 15 articles, you can send a request to review the site by AdSense.

How to get articles

How to get articles. You can easily enter any article online, download it and start writing an article similar to it, by changing the sentences in your own style. I am not telling you to steal the article, because that is a violation of Adsense laws.

Summary These are the most important ways to make money from the Internet, which I advise you to start with and which will not cost much money.

I hope that the article has illuminated your way to achieving a solid amount of money from the Internet and that the information provided has made the process easier for you. If so, do not forget to share it with those you think are in dire need of knowing how to profit from the Internet.