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6 ways to earn money from YouTube (job opportunities from YouTube 2022)

 6 ways to earn money from YouTube (job opportunities from YouTube 2022)

earn money from YouTube is one of the ways to work from the Internet, or we say from the legitimate jobs to profit from the Internet, and YouTube is a very large platform that people use from all over the world 24/24, and YouTube was a way to educate and guide people and share with them everything that happens in the world Until it became a profitable project that brings you millions per month, and there are many people around the world who think that profit from YouTube is limited to the appearance of Adsense ads in the video only, but in fact, there are many ways that people use to earn money on YouTube.

YouTube is among the best ways to make money online, which offers reasonable profits and according to the type of content that advertisers are interested in and according to countries and age, and at the same time YouTube is the most widely used platform in the world and the most easy to use and provides all the requirements of work in order to earn a living, But at the same time, YouTube is strict with users in case they deviate from the law and the policy set by Google, so you must start and choose the appropriate method for you to profit without submitting any violation.

6 ways to earn money from YouTube (job opportunities from YouTube 2022)
 6 ways to earn money from YouTube (job opportunities from YouTube 2022)

What are the ways to earn from YouTube? 

Many people ask about the best ways to profit from YouTube that support all countries of the world. In fact, there are many services on YouTube that you can turn into a business, but some of them do not receive some countries, or we say they do not support some countries, so before starting any service in YouTube You have to read about the usage policy from the first to the last and then proceed to work, but in general, there are ideas and methods that we will share with you, perhaps you are the first time you hear about it and you may not know its benefits in your work.

What will we learn about this topic?

  • Youtube monetization terms.
  • Profit from YouTube through ads.
  • Profit from YouTube through Super Chat.
  • Profit from YouTube through goods.
  • Earn from YouTube by joining.
  • Profit from YouTube through services.

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for what follows, dear followers of arbahinet blog for information, technologies and profit from the Internet, today in the earning from youtube section, we will discuss 6 ways to earn money from the YouTube platform, and of course, we will talk about all the legitimate and recommended ways By Google personally, from which people actually make very large sums of money, which you should know before you swim with us on this topic, that working on YouTube requires you to apply some conditions that are inevitable if you really have a desire to create a project online.

The topic of starting work on YouTube in order to profit from the Internet, we will present it to you in order, so that everyone understands what he must do before starting work. A little focus because the topic is very easy and uncomplicated, and we will try as much as possible to simplify the matter for you on our arbahinet website.

6  ways to earn money from YouTube

1 . Youtube monetization terms and conditions 

In order to profit from YouTube, there are nine conditions that you must meet, and without them, do not think to start working on YouTube except in one case, which we will share with you in this arrangement, and these conditions that we will mention to you will be a reason to open almost all ways To start working, this means that you must have these conditions or quit this platform.

1 - The owner of the channel must be more than 18 years old.

2 - It must be linked with the AdSense account.

3- There must be 1,000 subscribers to the channel.

4 - You need to collect 4000 hours in YouTube.

5 - No warning of copyright infringement has been issued against your channel.

6- Make sure to follow all platform policies.

7- Proof of Adsense identity.

8 - The conditions must be fulfilled 12 months before.

9 - To be residing in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

6 ways to earn money from YouTube

2 . Earn money from youtube through ads 

Profiting from advertisements is the method known to the general public in the world, and it is the one who uses most YouTubers, of course, in order to profit from advertisements, you must collect 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers and be exclusive or non-infringing content and then link the channel with the Google Adsense account, here is a review process Google Adsense, and also in the last stage, the content review is whether it is original, plagiarized, or contains proprietary rights.

When you open a Google Adsense account with YouTube, you can profit from all the videos, whether you publish or live broadcasts, but in order to succeed in this field, you must provide the exclusive and new content that people are looking for and have an added value, and the more views, the more profits.

3 . Earn money from youtube with Super Chat

Super Chat is among the best ways that YouTubers use in order to earn dollars, and this feature is not available in all countries such, and the profit process from Super Chat is that the followers are the ones who offer you money instead of Google Adsense, and it is a support feature in exchange for you Offer them lessons in the live broadcast.

The idea started with  Livestream, which did the live broadcast, which was about 81% of the attendees, and started searching for the most important thing that people were looking for, and they found more than 80 percent of YouTube users interested in live broadcasting, and for this we always find broadcast interactions in all social sites sparkling It gets huge views.

What will you benefit from Super Chat?

We will benefit from Super Chat first from the AdSense ads that appear in the form of banners inside the video when you finish broadcasting.

We will benefit from the donations made by viewers to the channel.

4 . Earn money from YouTube with merchandise

YouTube has opened for everyone who has a monetized channel to start selling goods on YouTube itself, and these goods can only be sold with conditions, which is that you have an account on the teespring site.

Teespring is a site similar to Merch by Amazon and zazzle in terms of designing T-shirts, cups and bags. If you are good at understanding T-shirt design through Photoshop, you can start this work, but YouTube added this feature on its site in order to sell it on YouTube and share its link in the description. And people will buy, of course, if they are looking for that name or logo in t-shirts and cups.

5 . Earn money from youtube by affiliation 

Affiliation is a new feature that was added in foreign countries in order to making money from YouTube, and recently, it was opened for most Arab countries, and this feature has conditions and laws for its use in the channel and has advantages for content makers as well as subscribers, but in summary, the affiliation feature is like a donation Followers of channels in return for a service set by YouTube.

1 - The affiliate feature offers you profit from YouTube between $0.50 and $100. Of course, YouTube will take 30% of the profits that are donated by subscribers.

2 - This service will be according to the laws set by you, for example, 0.50 for them to make a live broadcast, and 50 dollars for communicating with me on social sites.

3 - Subscribers will be distinguished by small icons that are presented to you from YouTube or you are the one who added them.

There are conditions to achieve income in the affiliation:

1 - You must be a Google Adsense monetizer.

2 - 1000 subscribers to the channel.

3- To be over 18 years old.

4 - This feature must be available in your country.

5- Children's channels are not accepted for affiliation.

6 - You should not find a very large number of videos from which ads have been banned in red.

6 . Earn money from youtube through services 

Profiting by providing services on the YouTube platform is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, as YouTube is a means and you are a mediator between the buyer or subscriber and the owner of the commodity and the company ... The process is simply that you advertise the products and you are presented with an amount for this service, and this The services differ from one service to another and are as follows:

Profit by making advertisements for people, such as supporting channels or competitions, and you take your share of this service.

- Profit by advertising for products and providing the link or the company’s phone number, and here it is according to the agreement, either you pay money for advertising, or according to how many people bought the product, for example.

- Profit through YouTube referrals, meaning you will advertise an Amazon product, for example, and anyone who buys or subscribes, you take your text from this service.

I hope not to forget all the open ways to profit from YouTube, and I was with blogger Mohamed Oudwaich.