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A site for calculating YouTube profits

A site for calculating YouTube profits
A site for calculating YouTube profits

A site for calculating YouTube profits and steps to activate the system for making profits through YouTube channels, there are many people from around the world who use the YouTube platform, as it is one of the references that anyone returns when they want to know some information about something, or to have entertainment time Through the views of the clips through it.

YouTube has become one of the most popular sites used in the world, and it contains many different and varied channels, making it easier for users to learn as much information as possible through the videos of each channel.

Many channel owners began to take advantage of the matter and turn it into a business to earn money and profits through their YouTube channel.

A site for calculating YouTube profits

There are many sites that enable you to know the percentage of profits that you have achieved through your YouTube channel, including:

Socialblade website


Socialblade is a site for calculating YouTube earnings. To be able to know and calculate your earnings for your YouTube channel, you can use this site as an easy and simple way to calculate earnings, and this is done through:

  • Go to the website's page by clicking here.
  • You will find the YouTube logo on the left side, so choose it.
  • Then write the link to your channel on YouTube in order to be able to know the percentage of profits.
  • Click on the word search and you will find the search engine results with many statistics for your channel.
  • You will find a list that shows a lot of information about your channel, and one of the most important information in it is the rate and percentage of profits that you have obtained, whether monthly or annual.
  • The growth rate of the number of people subscribed to your channel, the number of followers of the channel, and the rate of viewership increase for the content you display on your channel.
  • When you scroll down the page you will see the rate and percentage of your revenue that your channel gets daily.

Socialblade Features

The site has many advantages, including:

  • Find out some details about the growth of any YouTube channel.
  • You can find out whether it is monthly, yearly or even daily earnings for your YouTube channel.
  • Through this site, you can find out the number and viewership of your videos, which have been uploaded to your YouTube channel.

noxinfluencer website


It is one of the best sites through which you can find out the percentage of profits for your YouTube channel, and you can access the percentage of profits that have been achieved by watching visitors and users for your content, by following the following steps:

  • Head to the site's page by searching for its name in the search engine of your browser, or you can easily access it by clicking here.
  • When you open the site, type the name of the channel, whether in Arabic or in English, and if you do not see any search results, repeat the command until the results appear and make sure you write the name of the channel correctly.
  • You will find in front of you a list of the search results, then search for the channel you want to know the percentage of its profits and click on it.
  • You will find all the statistics for the channel.
  • If you want to know the exact earnings, go to the box designated for that, and you will find the channel's monthly earnings.
  • You can use this site to know the earnings of any channel and it is not required that you be the owner of this channel.

Kedoo website

kedoo It is a site for calculating YouTube earnings and it is considered one of the best sites through which you can find out the percentage of earnings in a YouTube channel, and through it you can find out many details of your channel.

How to enable monetization on YouTube channel

To be able to earn from the videos that you upload to the YouTube channel, you can follow the following steps:

  • Go to YouTube or the app if you have the app installed on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your account on the site, and when you finish logging in, you will find the word "account code" on the left side of the site page.
  • After you are taken to the account code page, go to Manage Content.
  • A menu will appear on the right side, click on the video manager.
  • You can choose the videos that you want to monetize.
  • Tap Actions at the top of the screen and then tap Monetize.

Profits from Arab channels

In the event that you want to calculate the profits made by the videos presented on the Arab channels on YouTube, then we can talk about the most famous channel that shows videos with Arabic contents, which is called the Arab Games Network.

The percentage of revenue from Arabic content is often different from the percentage of revenue from foreign content because the profits earned by Arabic content are less than the profits earned by foreign content.

You can calculate the value or percentage of profits that Arabic content gets by taking the lowest value of the profits and increasing it by 10%.

It can be further clarified by an example: If the minimum revenue for a channel is 88000 USD per month, then 10% of that minimum is 8800 USD, so the channel revenue becomes 88000 + 8800 = 96,800 USD.

Earnings for every thousand views

Profits can be made by watching a large number of the contents offered by the channel, and YouTube has its own policy and conditions in order to obtain a large profit rate.

Profits can be achieved through YouTube across any country in the world. It is not required for a specific country, but the percentage of profits differ from one country to another, and the following are approximate figures for the value of profits with every 1000 views of a single video:

  • In the UAE, the value of earnings per thousand views is approximately 1.35 USD.
  • The value of the profits in Saudi Arabia is 0.67 US dollars.
  • As for the value of the profits in France, it amounts to about 2.09 US dollars.
  • The value of the profits in Palestine is approximately 0.75 US dollars.
  • Earnings in Egypt reach 0.42 USD per thousand views.
  • The value of the earnings in Algeria is about 0.12 USD.
  • The value in Tunisia is approximately 0.13 USD.
  • The value in Morocco is approximately 0.17 USD.

YouTube's Monetization Policies

The YouTube Partner Program allows content creators to benefit from the advantages provided by the site, and there are some requirements that must be present in order to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, which are:

  • Residency in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • Access to more than 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months on the person's channel.
  • Accept YouTube's monetization policies.
  • The channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Youtube monetization tips

There are some tips that will help you earn money through YouTube, namely:

  • Don't focus on the value of profits at first; Because it won't be of much value, you still have a long way to go to reap a lot of profits.
  • Check out our YouTube guide on copyright to learn all about copyright to avoid being unintentionally hacked.
  • Be creative and inventive in presenting your content and everything related to it, whether it is musical, graphic, or other areas of content, the more creative you are, the more viewers you will attract.
  • You can keep in mind that the issue of profit from YouTube is a business and an area that can be invested in, like any other business.
  • Find more about people's success stories in monetizing through their own YouTube channels, and benefit from their expertise and experience.

We have talked about YouTube Earnings Calculator, and also provided some information on calculating earnings and tips to ensure a high percentage of earnings, I hope I helped you.