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best 4 sites to earn money from the Internet and withdraw from Western Union

best 4 sites to earn money from the Internet and withdraw from Western Union

best 4 sites to earn money from the Internet and withdraw from Western Union
best 4 sites to earn money from the Internet and withdraw from Western Union

Are you looking for the best sites to earn money from the Internet? Are you a beginner in making money from the Internet and are looking for honest sites to profit from, but you do not have a Paypal or Payoneer account, and you want to withdraw money through Western Union, which is the easiest and fastest way to withdraw money across the world.

If you are, then this article is for you, as I will share with you the best 4 sites to earn money from the Internet, withdraw money via Western Union.

Why specifically this topic, because in fact there are a large number of readers of your opportunity who live in countries that do not support Paypal, Payoneer or Payer. That is why I decided to share with you 4 sites to profit from the Internet and withdraw money from Western Union.

1- making money from the  file-upload site to upload files 

What is a file-upload site? Is it true to profit?

The file-upload site is among one of the very simple sites for profit from the Internet so that you can work from your phone or tablet without the need for a computer, and anyone can work on it, whether small or large, without requiring experience or experience or something like that.

Why is this site that specializes in uploading files, because there are many readers of arbahinet website, who asked me to offer them sites from which you can earn money, without having experience and without having any capital. That is why today I brought you this honest site for profit from the Internet. And the proof that he is honest is his ranking on the "Alexa" site, so that he occupies a very advanced rank, in addition to the fact that there are many friends who have withdrawn profits from him.

Of course, this site, which we are about to present, is among the many honest sites for earning respectable dollars, but it is sincerely directed specifically to beginners in profit from the Internet, so if you are one of those, then this site is for you, dear reader.

The beauty of this site is that it supports all countries, and you can withdraw your profits from multiple companies that are located around the world, and among these companies are the following:  Paypal, payer, bitcoin, Vodafone, wafacash, western union, Egypt postorange money, litecoin, UAE Exchange, MoneyGram, Visa CartAmerican ExpressEtisalat UAEAdvCash Ethereum, …  etc. The site also supports the Arabic language.

So, with regard to the credibility of the site, I presented you in a YouTube video with direct evidence to eliminate doubt, by withdrawing money from the site, the amount of two dollars.

How to making money from file-upload site?

You can profit from the file-upload site by uploading files, in the following way: You upload the files that people are looking for, and you want to share them with them. advertisements. So the process is simply based on profit from watching ads.

2- making money from jp4ever to upload images and files  

You can profit from jp4ever by uploading images and files, as follows: You upload images or files that people are looking for, so when anyone clicks on the link that the site has allocated to that file or image, it will take it directly to the site, so that there are some advertisements.

Through this service, the site allocates a financial amount to you in exchange for this service, so you only have to share the link with friends, through social media platforms or via the YouTube platform, or through the blog, Twitter, Telegram or other sites or other platforms other.

You can also profit from jp4ever by sharing your referral link, whenever anyone subscribes from the referral link, you will earn an amount of money without damaging his profits.

The minimum withdrawal  from jp4ever

In fact, the minimum payment is $1, but there are some banks and companies that do not accept this.

 For example:

  • The minimum payment from Western union is: $200.
  • For a Payoneer, the minimum payment is: $50 dollars.
  • As for wafacash, cash plus and cil bank, the minimum amount is: $15 dollars.
  • For Algeria poste and Tunisie poste, the minimum payment is $5 dollars.
  • For e-dinar smart, the minimum withdrawal is: $2.5 dollars.
  • As for Neteller and skrill, the minimum payment is: $5 dollars.

3- making money from Megatyers to solve captcha codes 

Megatyers is one of the profitable captcha code-solving sites, as it ranks among the best serious and honest sites for profit from the Internet for beginners.

And the beauty of this site is that the percentage of profits in it can reach between 1.5 and 1.7 dollars, up to 2 dollars in some cases, for solving 1000 captcha codes.

The best time to work on megatyers is in the afternoon GMT, so that the percentage of profits for 1000 captcha codes is high, as I have already mentioned.

You can withdraw your money from the site from the western union when it reaches $100, and you can also withdraw it via PayPal when it reaches $1, which is the minimum payment.

4- making money from studypool 

studypool is one of the largest online teaching platforms, as it includes millions of students and teachers around the world, which gives you an opportunity as one who wants to profit from the Internet, to provide an answer to students’ homework and questions, or to publish research and lessons you have already completed.

The studypool website allows you to publish most of the research and lessons you have completed, in all fields, and this is the special and beautiful thing about this site, including but not limited to (science, literature, sports, commerce, art, health, politics, history, environment, cinema, translation, economics, engineering...etc).

The studypool site offers you an amount of $ 10 for each sale of a research document that you uploaded on the site, and the one who bought your lesson or research may need to understand the details of that so that he can contact you to provide him with an explanation ... and here there is no doubt that the amount he will provide to you will be very Respectable.

How does studypool work?

The site works on the principle of selling lessons to students and students and solving exercises, and from here you can earn more than 700 dollars if you are a beginner, or if you are a professional and have seniority on the site, the profits can reach 5000 dollars per month, as the site mentioned. 

You only have to upload the lesson or file or search in the formats you want (pdf. Word. Png…) and the site will take care of everything, and will send you the sales money to your own wallet so that you can withdraw it through the available means, the most important of which are Western Union, PayPal, and Payoneer … I will talk about all this in a special topic.

In this article, I talked about the best 4 sites to earn money from the Internet for beginners and withdrawing money through Western Union, which is the easiest way at all to love profits and is found in most countries of the world. Also, dear beginner, I advise you to visit this article Making money online for beginners 2022 | Earning more than $100 per month be sure that you will benefit greatly from it.

In the end, I hope that you liked this article, and if so, dear readers, do not forget to share it with others, who you think are in dire need of honest sites to profit from the Internet, specifically those who want to withdraw money through western union. As long as you are healthy and well, see you in a new article.