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Best online shopping sites 2022

Best online shopping sites 2022
Best online shopping sites 2022

Why so much research about online buying sites? And what are these sites first, and are they all honest? What are the advantages of buying through shopping sites? Is online shopping really an alternative to traditional shopping? How to buy online...etc. 

All these and other questions we will answer you, God willing, in this article from the "arbahinet" blog. If you want to buy online, this article will be dedicated to you, dear reader.

For some people, especially those who work on the Internet, specifically in the field of electronic commerce, the problem is no longer raised about online purchases, but it may be presented to others. That's why we're here to answer these beginners' questions and show them what can be clarified.

There are many and different online purchase sites, some of which are Arab and others are foreign, and among these sites are the following:

1- Amazon

The American Amazon site is considered one of the most famous online purchase sites, not at the international or continental level, but at the global level, because of its great position among users of this global site in terms of purchase, as the site is visited by more than 80 million visitors around the world.

If you are looking for a product and you did not find it in your city or even in your country, you should head to the Amazon website, as you will find all the products and services that come to your mind.

Amazon provides you with the possibility to purchase any product, even if you are in the jungle of any continent, provided that you have an electronic card through which you can pay for the site. 

Amazon guarantees you to buy online, all the rights related to the basic guarantees, so that these rights give you the possibility to return the product (goods) in case you do not like it or want to replace it with another product, or it is broken on its way to you…etc.

If you wish to view Amazon’s terms and return policy, you should visit the website at the beginning of this axis.

2- eBay 

eBay is one of the most famous online shopping sites, but Amazon is completely different from eBay, as the latter plays the role of mediation between the seller and the buyer, and guarantees the rights of both parties.

eBay offers new and used goods and products, which can be food products, women's and men's clothing, electronic devices, musical instruments...etc.  

The eBay website is famous for its great and varied services, so that it became famous globally, especially in the American, European and Arab continents.

eBay requires the seller or buyer to pay the money via the international bank card PayPal.

3- Banggood

The Chinese site Banggood is one of the largest shopping sites, so that it competes with the two previously mentioned above, due to the huge amount of cheap and high-quality goods it offers.

The banggood website has several advantages, most notably; The possibility of paying for purchases upon receipt, however, this feature is not available in all Arab countries, but only in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, waiting for the site to expand this service to include the rest of the other Arab countries.

Banggood offers customers discounts and coupons, up to $100 for new customers, that they can use to purchase their favorite products at very low prices.

Funds are paid to the site via international electronic cards such as: PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, Payoneer and other cards.

4- AliExpress


AliExpress is one of the largest online shopping sites in China. This site belongs to the Alibaba Group, which specializes in selling wholesale goods and to individuals globally.

Ali Express started working in 2010, specifically in April, by billionaire "Jack Ma". Ali Express works in the same way as Amazon; That is, without the need for an intermediary in obtaining the products, but rather he establishes direct relations with the manufacturer, given the confidence he enjoys in this.

You can find everything you are looking for in this wonderful website, which offers different goods (products) at cheap prices and high quality.

5- Jumia website


Jumia is one of the most famous websites in the Arab world, especially among the countries of North Africa. This honest website is considered the first distributor of electronic and other products in Africa, as it was able to gain the trust of users in a short time.

Jumia's growth is estimated in 2015 by 265 percent, with financial revenues of $234 million, and in 2016-2017 the company topped the sales of electronic products to become the number one in the African continent, with a value of more than one billion dollars.

This Arab site offers great services to those who want to profit from this site, through commission marketing, and here we mean commission marketing, as I previously explained in one of my previous articles (profit from Instagram), which is to promote the products of a company by inviting friends and followers to buy The products of this company via the link to that product, and in return this company will give you a commission in return for having brought him a buyer or a customer.

In other words, imagine with me - and this always happens - when your friend asks you about the source of buying a jacket after he liked it, and you take him to buy the same jacket from the same store, and then the owner of the store gives you a fee for having brought him a new customer. Simply put, this is affiliate marketing.

Among the services provided by Jumia is also the so-called JForce service, which allows you to buy from your personal account money for the benefit of customers and in return you earn commissions from the company. You can also have your own online store through which you sell your own products.

Payment and receiving methods

The process of paying and receiving the money is done via your credit card (visa), and here the site offers you a 5% discount if the process is done from the Jumia application (jumia pay), or by paying Islam if you are a buyer, but here the money payment process is made before opening the shipment box, especially if it contains electronic or electrical products such as phones, TV screens, and computers... If there is any defect in this product or it does not conform to the required specifications, you can return it through customer service.

There are many online purchase sites that you, dear readers, can rely on in the purchase process, and they are no less important than these sites that we mentioned above. For example: 

  • Website: shopping
  • Website: gearbest
  • Website: global.namshi
  • Website:
  • Website: focalprice
  • site: wish

In the end, I hope that the article has won your admiration and that you have benefited from listing the honest sites that you can buy from, and even profit from.

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