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Create and activate a payeer account (comprehensive guide)

Create and activate a payeer account (comprehensive guide)

Create and activate a payeer account (comprehensive guide)
Create and activate a payeer account (comprehensive guide)

The way to create a payeer account is very easy, at a time when we find many people who want to withdraw money from the sites in which they work, but only these methods are available, either payeer or PayPal.

There are many people who work online, who do not have a payeer account because you will need it sooner or later.

Whether you are a beginner and use sites to profit from the Internet, or you are a professional and work in digital currency trading, and you want to buy them, you must need an electronic bank account such as Payer.

For today and through this article, we will share with you how to create a Payeer account step by step, so that everyone understands and does not bring your account later.

But the question that many readers will ask is, why Payer specifically, and not Paypal, Scale or Payoneer; Simply because Payer is one of the best electronic banks and the best.

These are the main points we will cover in this article:

  • What is a payeer?.
  • Payeer Features.
  • How to create a Payeer account.
  • Steps to create a Payeer account.
  • Why is it better on Payer than Paypal.

What is a payeer

Payeer is a global electronic banking system, through which you can send and receive money, it is exactly the same as: Paypal, skill, Payoneer, Paysa ... etc.

Payer allows you to send and receive money, whether you are personal or business. If you are going to withdraw less than $100 per day, you can choose personal. If the amount is more than that, you can choose business.

Payeer Features

In fact, there are many payeer features, which you will like over other online banks, for example, but not limited to:

- easy to use.

- You can create and authenticate the account without any closure concerns.

- It suits many Arab countries, but most of them.

- It has its own debit card.

- Supports many currencies, which are: EUR, USD, BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, and the Russian ruble.

- You can transfer money to your bank account, this is what you cannot find in other electronic banks.

- You can charge your Payer account using Bitcoin, for example.

- Depositing funds is free of charge.

- The bank’s support is very fast, you can communicate with them in Arabic.

You can transfer funds between accounts for free.

- You can earn from Payer through your referral link.

- You can profit by trading within the payer.

- You can download the application to your phone or computer.

How to create a Payeer account

To create a Payer account, all you have to do is first enter from here.

- Payeer account creation link

Note: The information you will enter must be consistent with the information on your identity card, or on your passport.

payeer account

Steps to create a Payeer account

After entering the site, you will click on create account, and then you will be asked to enter your email.

After entering the email and clicking on create account, Payer will send you a number to your email, and you will click on create an account.

Then in the second step, you retype your secret number, which must be uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers with the number of symbols if you want, and return it in the next field.

 As for the other fields, you should leave them as they are, and take a picture of them so that you do not forget the information you will need later, and then click on Next.

After that, you will enter your personal and family name, then choose the country in which you reside, and then click on Done.

Thus, you have created an account on Payeer, but you are missing some information that you will complete by clicking on profile.

All this information that you will need is personal information only, the type of account is it: personal or business, if you do not withdraw more than $100 per day, I advise you to choose personal, and if the amount is more than that, choose Business.

Then the currency in which you want to see your money, with your phone number, and your account on Telegram if you have it, with the date of birth as it is in the identification card.

Also, the name of your city, and its Zip postal number, with the introduction of the residential address, and you press Go NEXT.

After pressing go next, you will be directed to a new page to choose a method to confirm your account information, either a national identification card, or a passport...of course, according to the method available in your country.

And all this by clicking on CHOOSE FIKE and choosing the image of the card or passport, and with this, you have created a Payer account correctly, which will allow you to send and receive your money without any problems.

Why is it better on Payer than Paypal

In general and in all honesty, I prefer Payeer bank over PayPal, because if anyone you have ever dealt with is exposed, either you send it to him or he sends it to you, your account will also be blocked.

This problem was faced by many people, who lost dozens of dollars on their account, so I prefer to deal with Payer, which is easy to use.

a summary 

In conclusion, I shared with you in this article how to set up a payeer account, in the right way, and I also touched on the advantages of Payeer Bank, and in the end I gave my opinion about why I prefer Payeer Bank.

I hope that you liked the article, and if so, I would like to share it with others to benefit, thank you very much.