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How to earn money from blogging for beginners

How to earn money from blogging for beginners

How to earn money from blogging for beginners
How to earn money from blogging for beginners

Earning money from blogging is the best project that a person can start in. The process is simply to create a website and start writing articles and downloading them on it, whether it is sports, politics, art, cooking, education ... etc.

Believe me, if I tell you that I have a friend who earns more than $100 per day only from blogging, knowing that he uses the free Blogger platform, it means that his additions are very limited, yet he achieves these amounts.

In this article, we will share with you, how to profit from blogging, especially for beginners, and we will define for you the most important conditions for making a profit from the site, even if you do not have any experience or any experience in writing not a single article.

These are the main points that we will address in this article:

1- How to earn money from blogging?.

- What is a blog or blogging?.

- Having the idea of ​​blogging.

- Beginning of site creation.

2- Create a free website.

- How to paraphrase articles?.

3- Create a paid website.

- What do you need to get started in WordPress?.

4- Terms of profit from blogging.

5- Adsense acceptance conditions for the site.

1- How to earn money from blogging?

In fact, how to profit from blogging, is a broad and loose question that we cannot answer directly, so we will divide it into a set of sub-headings so that we can understand it accurately.

What is a blog or blogging?

Blogging is simply a record or a site where any person or group of people blogs about topics related to the field in which they understand such as: health, sports, news, cooking, product review...etc.

Anyone can create his own site, whether this site is free or paid, and start publishing his articles, i.e. his blog posts on a daily basis, so that people who use the Internet can see them.

Having the idea of ​​blogging

You cannot enter the world of blogging while you are not yet an idea about blogging, meaning before you think of working as a blogger, you must determine the field or content in which you will write your articles.

The idea comes based on the person's inclinations in this field since he studied it or just read a lot of articles and books about it, and he formed a desire to create a site and share his ideas with others.

So this step is one of the most important steps to profit from blogging due to its importance, so that if the idea is planned as it should, there is no doubt that you will shorten a lot of effort.

Beginning of site creation

There are two ways to create a website, the first is free, and the second is paid. The first is related to the Google Blogger platform, and the paid method is WordPress.

However, in this article, we will focus on how to create a free website, because there are many who want to start working as a blogger, but they do not have a single dollar.

2- Create a free website

Yes, dear reader, you can create a free website, through the Google-rich Blogger platform.

So to create a free website, you only need to follow the following:

First: Create an email (Gmail) on Google.

Second: Log in to Google and type blogger.

Third: Click on Create Your Blog.

Fourth: You will be asked to enter your Gmail email.

Fifth: Click on create a new blog.

Sixth: Enter the name you chose for the site, take your time to choose the appropriate name for the site.

Seventh: Choose the template that will fit the content of your site.

Eighth: Click on Create a Blog, and you will have created a free website.

You can now write articles and publish them on your site, as Google will take care of the rest, such as showing the articles to its visitors. Thus, you have created a free website.

But before that, you must create an account on the google search console, to archive your articles on Google.

Webmaster Link

Also one of the necessary things is to clean your site a robots.txt file

This is the download link

Download template cleaning code

Download Privacy Policy

How to paraphrase articles?

Dear reader, you can rely on this site to reformulate the articles, meaning you copy the articles from the internet, and this site will cost you to draft them again and upload them to your site, without any problems.

This is the site where you can register and benefit from its free and paid services.

But if you want to examine the article that was drafted, you can rely on this global site, to check the extent of the article’s exclusivity. There is no doubt that the article drafted will be 100% exclusive.

Even if the percentage of its exclusivity is more than 70%, there is no fear for you. You can publish it without any problems. In fact, I think this method that I presented to you is very wonderful in profiting from blogging in general.

This is an article checking site

These are the sites I used to create a logo for the site.

To check your website in terms of internal links and external links, before submitting your site for review, I invite you to check it on this free website.

On this site, it gives you directly the links that do not work, and through you you can correct these links, or delete them and replace them with new links.

This is the site

3- Create a paid website 

You can create a free website, and you can also create a paid website, through wordpress.

However, in fact, WordPress is distinguished from Blogger in a number of things, although it is paid, as beginners can not start with it, unless it has some money.

What do you need to get started in WordPress?

To create a WordPress website, you need hosting, a domain, and a template.

Hosting is simply: rent space on a computer with high specifications, whether in terms of speed, space, or other.

In other words, you buy space on a high-quality computer, to download everything you upload on your site, articles, photos, products, personal information...etc.

The annual rental price for hosting starts at $30. Of course, this price varies from one company to another, and it also varies from one server to another.

For example, if the number of visits to your site is high, you will find that you choose the high server, but if the number of visits to your site is weak, regular hosting will do the trick.

Domain: It is the address of the site, for example, the address of our site is, this address we made from one of the companies specialized in selling domains.

Among these big companies, GoDaddy, Namecheap, domain, name, and others, the domain starts at $10.

Template: The template cuts the geometry of the site, that is, where the sections of the site will appear, how the article’s outer shape will appear … etc.

In fact, there are many free WordPress templates, which are beautiful and responsive to all devices (computer, tablet, phone) unlike Blogger.

4- Terms of profit from blogging

To profit from blogging, there are conditions, especially if your goal is to profit from Google Adsense, which means displaying ads on your site, but if your goal is to promote a specific service, or just introduce yourself, that is another matter.

To profit from blogging through Adsense, you must apply what we will explain below:

So, after you have created the site, whether on Blogger or on WordPress, now is the time, dear reader, to write articles, and publish them on the site.

5- Adsense acceptance conditions for the site

In order for your website to be accepted by Adsense, the following steps must be applied:

1- It is preferable to write more than 15 articles, before sending a request to review the site.

2- The articles must be exclusive, meaning you are the one who wrote these articles (not plagiarized).

3- The article's images should be non-property images.

4- The articles should not encourage violence, hatred, or terrorism...

5- It is preferable that the number of words in the article exceed 600 words.

6- That the site includes sections according to the content of the site; For example: profit from the Internet, profit from YouTube, profit from Instagram ..., in addition to the privacy policy, and contact us.

7- There should be visits to the site.

8- It is preferable and desirable that the domain be paid, as there is a great and very big chance of accepting the site.

9- The article should include paragraphs and titles, which are: the main title, the title, the sub-heading, and the secondary title.

10- It is preferable to publish one article every day.

11- It is advisable to wait at least a month before sending a request to review the site for Adsense.

12- Opening a Google Adsense account, and linking it with the site.

13- Create ad units and place them on the site, or just activate the automatic ads.

14- Waiting for the acceptance message, which you will receive on the email you opened AdSense with.

Good news, your site is ready to display ads.

In conclusion, I hope that the article will be useful, and that it will open a door for you to profit from the Internet, specifically profit from blogging. If so, I invite you, dear readers, to share it with others for the benefit of all.