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How to get YouTube search results

How to get YouTube search results
How to get YouTube search results

Why don't your videos appear in search results? A question among the questions that any YouTube content maker, especially the beginner, should ask.

Dear reader, if you are looking for how to publish search results in YouTube, then you are in the right article and site, what you need now is to read the article to the end, to understand how YouTube algorithms work, and everything I will write to you in this article stems from my own experience in the field of YouTube .

In fact, I was not aware at the beginning of the concept of search engine optimization (Seo YouTube), but I was only recording videos and publishing them to answer the questions of the channel followers, but after a long time, I received a question from one of the loyal followers of the channel saying: Why are your videos not appearing in search results? 

Hence, I began searching for the answer to this question, until I discovered that there were many mistakes I was making, not in terms of the information provided, but in terms of internal techniques that I had to adjust before publishing the video and during the video recording, so that it would be understandable to the YouTube search engine. 

From here I started reading the YouTube Help Guidelines to improve the ranking of my channel in the YouTube search engine, and indeed I started applying their recommendations and advice, and thank God the results started appearing day after day.

Why should your videos top YouTube search results?

Dear readers, I will share with you in this article the most important factors that you must apply, to get an honorable ranking in the search engines. And if your videos topped the list of search engines, you will inevitably achieve double profits, because the viewer always prefers to click on the list of the first videos that appear on the first page of YouTube.

Of course, if your channel videos appear on the first page of the YouTube search engine, through certain keywords, then know that the video has respected the YouTube community guidelines, and through it, it will bring you many viewers and new subscribers without making any effort.

Youtube search results

Before starting to talk about the topic "YouTube search results are issued," we must provide a simplified definition of the concept of YouTube SEO.

youtube seo definition

"YouTube SEO" means that your channel’s videos are on top of the first results in terms of ranking, in YouTube, Google, or other search engines.

In a more precise sense, if you go to the YouTube search engine and type in the search rectangle, for example: "make money from youtube", the video that will appear to you in the first results of the page is considered a video that meets the conditions and criteria of SEO.

How to get YouTube search results

All the videos in which the specifications and conditions of SEO are available, of course, will appear on the first pages of the search results, and if that is the case, there is no doubt that the channel will bring it hundreds of views and subscriptions every day, so that its owner can earn thousands of dollars, and this is what everyone is looking for.

Steps to get YouTube search results

On-Page SEO for video

What is meant by the internal SEO of the video? That is, improving the ranking of the video on the YouTube search engine or Google search engine, and to do this, the following stages must be set:

Video title

The title is the most important element in the internal SEO of the video, because it expresses the content of the video in a large way, so that it can carry keywords, which the viewer is looking for, this is important for search engines through which you can find the topic of the video.

Avoid that the title is shaded and does not correspond to the content of the video, the title must be purposeful, unique and distinctive that excites the visitor of the channel, and attracts the viewer among dozens of videos.

Dear reader, make sure that the video title does not exceed 50 characters, a template for the title: profit from the Internet, ways to profit from the Internet, the best montage programs, secrets of profit from the blog…

thumbnail (miniature)

The video thumbnail is a key element in attracting the visitor to your channel, so make sure, dear reader, that the image has a good output, consistent with the content of the topic of the video.

In many cases, the image may express your topic without the need for writing, expression, description, and narration…This is a factor that helps channel followers or viewers understand more about what is meant, which makes them watch the video for a long time.

Try to put a description of the image as a name before downloading it, and a description while it is uploading, because this will help search engines identify your topic by understanding the image.

Video description

The description of the video is an important element for the title, as it complements it. Try to make it a precise description that expresses the content of the video, and do not forget to include some keywords in the description, of course, without repetition.

All this in sentences that do not exceed 5000 characters. If this description is done with good doubt, there is no doubt that your videos will appear in the YouTube search engine and in the first ranks.


Keywords (keywords) are essential in creating a YouTube video, so you should pay attention to these words and choose them carefully. I know, dear reader, that you are now wondering about: Where will I get the key words?

There are a group of sites that enable you to get the keywords that people are looking for, and which should be targeted and talked about. Below I will present to you the site that most YouTubers and other bloggers rely on.

rapidtags site

Rapidtags is one of the sites that you can rely on to search for the most searched keywords on YouTube or others. All you have to do is type the keyword around which the video was completed, and many of the keywords that people are searching for will appear in front of you.

How to get YouTube search results

Keywords Everywhere available on Google

This tool allows you to know the most searched, most clicked and most expensive words on the YouTube search engine,  Keywords Everywhere gives you a number of data related to keywords, whether it comes to click cost or search rates around the word.

google adwords site 

Google AdWords is among the most important tools that provide you with keywords, which you can talk about in your channel videos.

How to get YouTube search results

Quality content and good output

The quality of the content presented to the viewer is an essential issue in the video industry, as the content must be coherent in order to attract the visitor’s attention and stay for the longest time in watching the video, and this can only be done if the video shooting and directing are good.

It should be noted that now you can shoot video in high quality only with the phone without the need for a camera, and you can also produce it (montage) with special programs for smart phones, without the need for a computer.

 - For more information about editing software.

Video Promotion 

We mean here by promoting the video, that is, publishing it on social media, promoting it, and asking friends to share it with others.

The video should receive a great deal of interaction in the first hours of its publication. If it is, there is no doubt that your video will top YouTube search results, and will be viewed greatly.

Dear reader, if you really want to succeed in YouTube, you must apply everything we said in this article, with patience and continuous work.

In the end, I hope that the article in which we dealt with the topic "Why your videos do not appear in the search results" has won your admiration, and if so, do not forget to share it with friends to benefit, and I will be thankful to you.