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How to make money from short videos on YouTube

How to make money from short videos on YouTube

How to make money from short videos on YouTube
How to make money from short videos on YouTube

Officially, make money from short videos on YouTube is available in many countries. In recent months, YouTube has issued an official notification that many Arab countries, as well as foreign countries, can benefit from the profits of the short videos feature, whose profits reach 10 thousand dollars every month, but you need to comply. To some conditions that we will explain in the next paragraphs so that you can profit from YouTube Shorts.

Of course, YouTube did not do the profit from short videos for the Arabs shortly after its release in vain, but rather because of the strong pressure, it is exposed to by Tik Tok, in addition to Instagram Rails, which competes strongly in the field of short videos, of course, the only beneficiary of this competition is the content creator and likewise the viewer, as each of these platforms will work to provide the highest quality and possible experience for the viewer in order to overcome the rest and win the trust of the user.

How to make money from short videos on YouTube

There are some conditions to profit from short videos that you must respect to take advantage of this new feature and activate the profit in Youtube shorts, first you have to reside in one of the countries that have been granted the right to profit from this method. If you are over the legal age, if you are young, you must use the ID of one of your parents in these steps.

YouTube has allocated $100 million in the YouTube Short Fund to reward the creator of the religious content for creating short videos. In other words, YouTube will provide sums of money every month from this fund for the benefit of the creator of short videos, provided that they are original and not copied from anywhere else, every month YouTube You will communicate with thousands of content creators to tell them that they are eligible to benefit from a reward for short videos from this fund.

Note: Profiting from short videos on YouTube does not require your channel to be active. You can benefit from it without 4000 hours and a thousand subscribers. All you have to do is be creative in making the videos and you will be among the qualified.

How much does youtube earn on short videos?


Earnings from short videos on YouTube is an amount offered every month to channels and content creators who have provided great content and liked YouTube viewers. This amount ranges from $100 to $10,000. This amount is considered too large for small channels that have never earned from YouTube, but As for YouTube whales, they earn more than 10 thousand dollars every month, so this feature does not suit them, so the field will be open to small channels that want to achieve additional income from YouTube.

Of course, the amount varies from one channel to another, as it is affected by several factors, such as the geographical area from which the user watches the video, in addition to the age of the viewers, as it is known according to the YouTube law, the profit from children’s content is almost non-existent, unlike the profit with adult people.

Terms of making money from short videos on YouTube

There are some conditions to activate the profit from short videos on YouTube that you must abide by in order for your channel to be eligible to benefit from the YouTube fund reward, the conditions are very easy and do not require any little effort. This is the right opportunity to profit from YouTube without 4000 hours:

  • Exceeding the legal age of 13 years and over in the United States, or according to the age of majority system imposed by your country or region.
  • Your channel has a short video of 1 minute or less eligible in the last 180 days
  • The short video you posted must comply with the Community Guidelines, YouTube Monetization Policy, and Copyright. In other words, the video must be your original creation. You do not use any copyrighted music or copies of the content.
  • If your video has a watermark or rights from other platforms, for example: take the video from Facebook, clips from movies without modification or TV programs, or take ready clips from Tik Tok, directly, YouTube will classify your videos among the non-profitable clips From youtube shorts.
  • It is not important to have the profit activated on your YouTube channel to benefit from YouTube Shorts.
  • You must be among the countries in which YouTube has been granted the right to profit from the short video. We will learn about it in the next paragraph.

All of these conditions that I mentioned are provided by YouTube regarding monetizing short videos. You can review the sources from here: YouTube Shorts Fund.

Countries where you can earn money from short videos


Among the conditions necessary to profit from short videos on YouTube is to be among the countries that appear to you in the picture. In the first, only a few countries were allowed to benefit from this feature, but recently many Arab and foreign countries have been added, if your country is within These countries are congratulations to you. If the opposite is not true, YouTube itself said that it "plans to expand the scope of eligibility and increase the countries eligible to profit from YouTube Shorts".

How to receive earnings from short videos on YouTube

After you fulfill the conditions put forward by YouTube regarding Short videos, now you will ask me how do I receive payments for short videos from YouTube? The answer is very simple. We will learn about it in this paragraph. Every month, YouTube will communicate with many channels eligible to benefit from the YouTube financial fund based on the performance of their short videos in the previous month.

If you are among the people who have been selected to receive the YouTube Short Fund reward, you will receive a message in your e-mail or on the channel's page. You will be asked between the 1st to the 8th of each month. If you are not eligible, you must wait until the next month.

The amount of the reward is paid to the content creator through their account on Adsense, if you do not have an account, you will be asked to create a new one from which to get your profits or payments from short videos, the qualified content creator can click on the reward request either in the "email, or channel page" to be This procedure will ask you to:

  • Agreeing to the terms of the reward.
  • Connect your channel with an Adsense account or create a new Adsense account.

You can receive the reward after completing the two steps.

Note: You must request the reward before the 25th of the month arrives because you will not get it if this date expires and you do not request it.

These were some of the ways and information regarding profiting from short videos on YouTube. Many of the common mistakes of the majority regarding Shorts videos have been corrected. Of course, I have provided all of you the sources related to this information. If you like the article, do not forget to leave your mark in the comments and continue our website arbahinet to benefit more.