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How to make money on YouTube Shorts (comprehensive guide)

How to make money on YouTube Shorts (comprehensive guide)

How to make money on YouTube Shorts (comprehensive guide)
How to make money on YouTube Shorts (comprehensive guide)

YouTube has recently issued new rules and features such as youtube shorts, that is, short videos, and these features will double the profits of YouTubers globally.

But this feature has a specific context, as YouTube noticed that short videos downloaded on Tik Tok and Instagram achieve millions of views, which means that advertisers will leave YouTube and go to these platforms, so YouTube decided to compete with these platforms by issuing a new feature called youtube shorts. Which is exactly like Tik Tok videos.

In this article, we will learn about the youtube shorts feature and what are the conditions for achieving this new feature, in addition to other points related to YouTube's general terms.

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An introduction to the YouTube company that will work on its platform

YouTube occupies the second place globally, in terms of monthly active users of social networks and specific messaging services, and this undoubtedly drives a large number of large investors who want to promote their companies, display their products, or request certain services … which gives you a real opportunity to profit from This free global platform, and the achievement of hundreds of dollars per month, without the need, dear reader, for a government job or the like.

It should be noted, dear readers, that the YouTube company is constantly uploading new strategies that allow channel owners to profit from their channels more, for example: it has introduced a feature for paid subscriptions, in which owners receive many exclusive features, and they can also manually place ads on videos that exceed 8 minutes.

The profit from short videos, or the so-called “youtube shorts”, is now available, as the YouTube company provided $100 million in support for some channel with short videos that do not exceed 60 seconds.

To be frank with you, my dear friends, profit from YouTube requires you a long time, a nice patience, a little investment, and to learn from the mistakes of others ... to get the results you aspire to reach. But be sure that YouTube will enrich you if you really apply what we will discuss in this article.

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YouTube is an opportunity, why not an opportunity to make money directly, but why YouTube specifically?

1- The tendency of most people nowadays to watch pictures and videos, due to the closeness of the meaning to the researcher, i.e. the viewer.

2- Our laziness always pushes us to search for easy ways to understand, and this is achieved in the pictures and video more than others, especially if we are looking to understand something related to manual work.

3- YouTube has become more motivating (financially) than ever before, for content creators to make videos with the utmost accuracy, to cover all human interests.

4- Content creators are based on their passion (your skill) to make money on YouTube, and this is not based on specific content creators, but rather it has given real opportunities to teachers, actors, directors, photographers, designers and others.

youtube shorts terms

What is " youtube shorts "?

 YouTube Shorts is a feature recently launched by YouTube, this new feature aims to publish short videos and make money from them.

YouTube noticed that videos posted on the tiktok platform get millions of views, which means that advertisers will migrate from YouTube to Tik Tok. That is why YouTube decided to compete with the latter by creating a feature called youtube shorts.

You can shoot a short video of no more than 60 seconds on your smartphone and publish it on your YouTube channel, provided that the video is exclusive and does not violate the accepted YouTube laws.

How do you post a video on YouTube Shorts?

After creating the video from the phone and publishing it on your YouTube channel, you must include the hashtag #shorts in the video description so that YouTube bots can recognize that the video is a short video.

YouTube mentioned that this feature has been launched in all major countries, and that it is gradually working to launch it in other countries, and it said that if you do not see this feature, be sure to update the application on your phone.

Once you log in from your mobile phone, the shorts feature will appear at the bottom of the YouTube application menu, as follows:

YouTube Shorts

By clicking on shorts, YouTube will take you directly to watching short videos or shooting a short video, with the ability to edit the video, whether by adding music, or controlling the speed of the video.

- For more information please visit youtube shorts.

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