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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face
How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Making money on YouTube without showing your face is the best thing anyone can do, without having any equipment to start earning from YouTube, or even though they don't want to appear themselves at all.

In all honesty, Make Money on YouTube has become the best and most effective way to earn hundreds of dollars per month, as there are millions of videos that are downloaded on this global platform every hour, and of course, these videos differ from each other.

If most of these videos show their owners...there are hundreds of videos, whose owners do not appear on them, and you find millions of views on this type of videos in a very short time, and this is due to the great demand that this type of videos receives.

And here is the link, why can’t you profit from YouTube without appearing yourself, and making dozens of dollars as these YouTubers achieve, especially since most of the views of these videos come from countries where the price of a click on the advertisement is very high, and I mean here: the United States America, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, Marshall Islands, Brazil...etc.

Make money on YouTube without showing your face

That is why today I came to you with a genius idea to profit from YouTube without appearing for yourself, meaning you will not need a camera or lighting, nor to talk, nor to anything that YouTubers who appear in the video need, but you will need a computer to work or a smartphone. With this method, you can earn more than $500 per month.

So if you want to have additional income, whether you are an employee in a company or with a government, or you are a student or you are a housewife… you can now profit from YouTube without appearing yourself. Of course, I will share with you this method, which is 100% legitimate, so that it does not violate the laws of YouTube, and is guaranteed for life.

Quite simply, this method is to create videos about rain falling, or videos about sea waves crashing, or videos of nature with the sound of wind, thunder, and lightning...etc. 

The idea of making money on YouTube without showing your face

A great idea came to you so that you can earn money on YouTube without showing your face, and this idea was to create videos centered on nature, by, for example: watching the rain fall, or hearing the sound of thunder and lightning, or watching the waves crash while hearing the sound...etc.

This type of video is very popular with foreigners, as there are videos that have achieved very high views, in a very short time, and this, if indicated, indicates that people are interested in this type of content.

So why don't you, dear reader, hurry to create a YouTube channel, and start downloading such videos, knowing that these videos consist of a group of small clips, and they are pasted together, so that the video becomes long, up to more than an hour. 

I will give you a model of these channels that have achieved millions of views, and of course, there is no doubt that they will make hundreds of dollars every month.

Make Money on YouTube

Earning equipment from YouTube without appearing yourself

If you want to profit from YouTube without appearing yourself, you need a set of equipment, and of course, this equipment is easy and will not cost you anything, the most important of which are the following.

1 -   You will need sites to download royalty-free videos.

2 -   You will need a montage program.

3 -   You will need a website to download videos with sounds.

4 -   You will need to use English to put a title and description for the video.

I will now work on explaining all this equipment that you will need, and I will provide you with all these things, God willing, but what I will ask is that you read carefully what I am going to write, and then move on to the application.

1 -  Of course, as everyone knows, if you want to profit from YouTube, the videos that are submitted must be free of rights, for this, there are two main sites from which you can download hundreds of nature videos for free, of course without experiencing any problem from YouTube, and they are on Figure below: Pixabay and Pexels.

2 -  You will need an editing program, not necessarily a professional program because you will need it only to cut and paste the video with the addition of sound, and nothing else.

3 -  You will need a site to download the audio, but where will you find these sounds if you did not find them on the video that you downloaded from the two previously mentioned sites? Simply, you only need to write, for example: (Thunder MP3) in the search engines and download it, especially if it is from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. On the following site:

Youtube video download site: savefrom

4 -  Of course, as long as our videos will be directed to foreigners, then it is necessary to use the English language so that you can take any video title on YouTube (of course it is similar to the video that you will download), and paste it to the title of your video. The tags can be obtained from this site.

Tags acquisition site: Rapidtags

Merge video and audio and upload it to YouTube

So, after you paste the short video parts together, until they reach, for example, an hour and a half, with the addition of audio, then immediately upload the video to your YouTube channel, and this process will help beginners to collect 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in a very short time.

Try to make the video title similar or the same as on the videos that have achieved high views, making sure that the thumbnail image is attractive to the visitor, as at first sight he enters your videos.

And in the end, I hope that you liked the article. If so, do not forget, God bless you, to share it with friends and relatives ... and also with those who you think need to make money on YouTube without showing your face.