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Learn e-commerce from scratch and earn $5000 per month

Learn e-commerce from scratch and earn $5000 per month

Learn e-commerce from scratch and earn $5000 per month
Learn e-commerce from scratch and earn $5000 per month

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is a newly established term, which appeared with the advent of the Internet, so its reputation is due to its many advantages, which bring many benefits to the human being, both in terms of saving time and effort, and providing good results, especially with the increasing number of Internet users that have reached 4.59 billion users during the first half of this year, out of 7.7 billion people in the world.

There is no doubt that many of us are constantly thinking about self-development and fortunes with a profit, or a respectable monthly income, a housewife who aspired  to earn money online or to get a job from home, or a student looking for a monthly income to enhance his university scholarship, or an ambitious employee thinking about setting up a project on top of your work without incurring the hassle of it, according to the famous saying:

 "If your monthly salary is your only source of income, you are one step away from poverty" or even from an amateur who wants to enter the world of business from its open doors… At the moment it has become easy and only needs an idea, a computer and an internet connection, to create a website or an online store Successful through which you get a monthly income.

Our humble site "arbahinet" offers you a variety of ideas about e-commerce in various fields, as well as several specializations, but dear reader, make sure you follow our humble website if you are looking for an idea for an e-commerce project because we will present a number of them and you will be confused in choosing.

First, let me tell you what e-commerce is, as well as the steps for making the idea of ​​e-commerce successful, in addition to mentioning some of its types.

First: the definition of e-commerce 

Electronic commerce - or as it is called in the English language e-commerce, which is an abbreviation of the word Electronic Commerce - is a business process based on the purchase or sale of products, services and information, by relying on modern technological means.

However, there are many who think that electronic commerce is limited to the role of buying and selling tangible materials, but also there are intangible products and materials related to the sale and purchase of services and information, for example: travel tickets and banking transactions; Send, deliver and transfer money. 

In a more precise sense, any service that is based on buying and selling and completed on the Internet, it falls within the scope of electronic commerce, and the best example of this is what many international websites do, which are e-commerce sites, for example, but not limited to:  Jumia, Amazon, and Alibaba, and banggood...

Dear reader, imagine with me, that you have a phone, but you don't like this phone anymore, so you decided to sell it to one of your friends on social networks. after you agreed on the price and determined the method of sending and the method of payment of money ... I sold it, so now you have done electronic commerce.

Learn e-commerce from scratch

Second: the basics of e-commerce

We will try to answer in this axis of our article, what are the basic foundations that must be available in order to start in electronic commerce. 

1- Studying the idea of ​​an e-commerce project

As you know, dear reader, good planning always leads its owner to reap good results, so the first thing you must do is study your business well, by first defining the product, then the place of import and export methods, while recalling the target group and country, the price, and the quantity of the product… And other matters related to products or commodities, whether it is related to tangible or intangible products.

2- product

The product selection process is carried out almost according to the traditional method. Here, you have a choice between two things. Either your store has a variety of goods (phones, computers, cameras, household appliances, makeup, clothes…) or a store that specializes in a particular commercial field (beauty products, for example).

Here, the product must be chosen according to a carefully thought-out plan, including:

- For example, I cannot choose a product that is not required in the market, of course, in this case, my electronic project will fail at its beginning.

- To have a spirit of competition, because this field is full of marketers.

- To have the idea of ​​the product, to gain a wider reputation.

- To provide quality to ensure the confidence of customers.

- To have the ability to supply the product on demand.

- Sometimes you take the lead in lowering the price of the product (leave aside greed).

- Good communication with customers.

- Online product payment.

3- Create a website

In this case, the website is considered a store where you sell your products, which authorizes the buyer to browse to order his favorite product.

Hence, your website should contain an integrated system of everything the buyer will need, such as:

- An attractive interface that includes product images with an accurate description, with the possibility of placing a video of your product if required.

- Buying a domain name hosting for your website, preferably expressing the type of your product.

- Try not to make the domain name of the site long so that it is easy for your customers to remember, for example: (cheap, or market, or sell net, quality - … etc.), also try not to have the name of the site compound, as it is difficult for the customer You may remember it again, for example:

- If you are one of those who are determined to become a professional e-commerce, I recommend creating your online store on these platforms:

⬅️Shopify platform. 

⬅️Arabic platform: matajer stores but only for Saudi residents.

⬅️Arabic platform: ExpandCart.

⬅️magento platform.

⬅️Bigcommerce platform.

⬅️wix platform. 

⬅️3dcart platform.

And other platforms, but these are the most famous and best of all.

4- Payment method

You have to determine the method of paying and receiving money online, and here several companies allow you to pay and receive money, which the largest electronic stores globally deal with.

Among these companies:

5- E-marketing methods for products

This is the most important plan in the e-commerce process, as you will not make any sales if it is not done for the good e-marketing of your products.

I suggest to you, dear reader, this topic, which I consider very important to you, under the title: E-Marketing, in which I dealt with all the methods that you can rely on to market your product.

Here, you have to invest part of your money to create paid advertising campaigns, and after each advertising campaign you have to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, to try to develop your knowledge about creating new 100% successful advertising campaigns.

6- Determining the method of sending the product to the buyer

At this point, I can congratulate you on making a sale, no, not yet.... you still haven't made any sales.

At this stage, you have to contract with professional companies that specialize in delivering products, and why did you say professional? Because I am aware that there are many companies that take a long time in the process of sending the product to its owner, and sometimes it may arrive on time but in the worst case.

You have to pay special attention to the process of delivering the product to its owner, and follow its stages until delivery and after delivery, because the customer or customer will feel a kind of interest, and this will push him to buy your offered products without hesitation.

Third: Types of electronic commerce

There are many types of electronic commerce, but we will focus on three types, which are absolutely famous in the world of electronic commerce.

Business to consumer B2C

So that this type is concentrated in selling the product directly to the customer (the customer), relying on the so-called “retail sale” and this type of trade is prevalent and famous worldwide.

Business to Business B2B

In this type, the merchant sells the good or services to another merchant, so that the second merchant sells his goods by installments to his customers for consumption. 

Consumer to Consumer C2C

This type of trade centers on the sale of goods or services between consumers among themselves, and often both parties are consumers and sellers at the same time.

a summary 

In this article, I dealt with the most important things you will need in electronic commerce, starting with the definition of this type of commerce, focusing on its foundations and defining its types.

I hope that this article has won your admiration, and that it has opened a door to professional e-commerce for you.

- And do not forget, dear reader, to share the article with whoever you think needs it, and thank you very much.