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Making money online for beginners 2022 | Earning more than $100 per month

 Making money online for beginners 2022 | Earning more than $100 per month

Making money online for beginners 2022 | Earning more than $100 per month
Making money online for beginners 2022 | Earning more than $100 per month

Making money online, or as some people like to work on the Internet, is the most important concern of many beginners and professionals, and this is a natural thing by virtue of the profits that anyone can achieve from the Internet.


However, the question arises here, what are the most important ways that I can rely on as a beginner to profit from the Internet? Are all the ways mentioned by the owners of channels on YouTube, and many blogs and sites actually profitable methods?.


Remember well, dear reader, that life in general is always full of good and bad, for this reason, God willing, in this article we will share with you the most important and honest ways to earn money online, which you can rely on being one of the beginners to achieve very respectable monthly sums, so that you will need to search for Work with your government or any private company, and you will be a passive income earner after a while.

So if you are one of those who aspire to have a free job with a stable income, and do not wait for the manager’s approval to get a promotion that may not be fattening or satiate from hunger, in addition to a set of practices that it is not difficult to mention now ... then this article is for you.

So, I invite you to read on...

How to make money online for beginners

The Internet has played a major role in our time, especially in the aspect related to job opportunities, so that it has many and many job opportunities, through which you can achieve a stable income every month, and you will become rich, and in our Arab countries there are many models that cannot be mentioned.

Below we will inform you of the most important ways to make money online, which we consider necessary and important to you, dear readers of the arbahinet blog.

Making money online for beginners

1 - make money from Google Adsense

making money from Google Adsense is the most prominent way, as we did not say the most important of them, so that a very large number of people who work on the Internet depend on this method, so we presented it to you at the beginning of the article.

There is no doubt that you have noticed during your visit to one of the sites, or to one of the channels on YouTube, the appearance of advertisements that may sometimes be annoying to you, but you should know that this is how they earn profits. So, today we will learn how you can create a website or a YouTube channel, and how you can link it with Google Adsense to make profits.

The process of earning from Google Adsense for beginners is done in the following way, you first create a blog or website, and you start publishing articles on it in the field you understand, or in which you love to write. And after you reach a number of articles approximately between 10 and 20 articles, and you adjust the settings of your website ...

However, what I will advise you on is, before you create a blog, you should look for the most profitable content on the Internet, meaning the most requested and searched content on the Internet.

 You can open an account on Google Adsense in a very easy way, and then you can send a request to review Google Adsense for your site or blog.

And after you reach a specified number of profits, or even before you reach this limit, you can link your AdSense account to your bank account, to start receiving your monthly payments from the profits, which you achieved from the number of visitor clicks on the ads that appear on your site.

2 - make money from YouTube

making money from YouTube or working on YouTube is one of the most popular ways to profit from the Internet, due to the ease of opening the channel, adjusting its settings, and publishing videos, but the question here is, are all the channels on the YouTube platform successful? This is what we will try to address in this axis of our article, for which we have chosen the title of profit from the Internet for beginners.

Simply, you can profit from YouTube by creating a channel, in a very simple way. All you will need is to have an email.

After creating the channel ... and fulfilling the conditions set by YouTube, which are basically 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours, you can then open an account on Google Adsense and request a review of the channel. Once the channel is approved, AdSense will start showing ads on your channel, and through these ads, you can earn money.

Do you want to make more profits outside of Google Adsense ads?

Of course, who does not want to make more profits through his channel ! Therefore, there is another way, through which you can make profits, so that you may double the profits of Adsense, which is when companies communicate with you in order to advertise their product, the amounts paid by these companies are very large sums.

But this can only be achieved with the success of your channel, that is, your videos achieve a high number of views in a short period of time, so by achieving this, be sure that the percentage of profits that you will achieve from direct advertising will be very large.

I know that you are now wondering how to communicate with these companies? How is the advertising price determined? And other endless questions ... But there is no need to worry, dear reader. Your duty is to pay attention to the quality of the content presented on your channel. These companies will search for you, and will contact you through your email address on your channel "ABOUT".

3 - make money from Amazon

The method of profit from Amazon crosses, one of the most important current ways, from which many Arab youth earn fantastic sums every month, but there are many Amazon branches that you can work with. Anytime and anywhere in the world.

There is no doubt that you know who Amazon is, it is a very giant company, ranks first in the world in terms of electronic commerce, it is an American company, its owner is Jeffrey Preston Bezos.

The profits of the founder of Amazon in the year 2020 amounted to more than 113 billion US dollars, but now this amount has doubled, especially in light of these health conditions that the world is experiencing.

+ Merch by Amazon

I think you have heard of "Merch by Amazon" even if you have not heard of it before, so I will give you a brief overview of it, but if you want to know more and more about it, I invite you to read this article Merch by Amazon: Everything You Need to Know in 2022.

The method of making money from Merch by Amazon is the most important way, which is based on the idea of ​​​​designing logos and graphics and upload it to your account on Amazon Merch. The company is responsible for marketing the design and printing it on the T-shirt chosen by the customer.

In a more precise sense, you design the logo, set the price for it, choose the type of T-shirt and specify the colors only, while Amazon markets the logo, prints it and sells it, and sends you a percentage of the profits, which are predetermined.

+ Amazon Kindle

The method of make money from Amazon Kindle, or as some call it Amazon KDP One of the most prominent and important ways, and we might say the easiest is something, and you can profit from the Amazon Kindle by relying on two basic methods:

ebook: This method is based on writing books and uploading them to Amazon Kindle in order to sell them and make money from them. However, here you need to be a writer or author of these books, in a smooth, simple and understandable language so that you can sell the largest number of them, preferably in English.

paperback: This method is based on the design of the cover of the notes, that is, the daily notes, the coloring notes for children, and the notes in which the student records the information he studied in his school or university.

Often these notes are devoid of any information, only white lined sheets, which the student or someone else fills in with information.

You design the cover of this memo, and upload it to your Amazon account, so that Amazon markets your design and costs to print and sell the memo papers, and send the profits to your bank account.

In conclusion, in this article we have discussed 3 ways to making money online for beginners, of course we know that there are many and many ways that you can profit from, but we will talk about them, God willing, in another article.

We hope that the article has won your admiration, and if so, do not forget to share it with your colleagues who are in need of guaranteed ways to make money online. Especially nowadays, when scam sites and companies abound.