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New secrets to increase RPM and YouTube earnings fast like a rocket

New secrets to increase RPM and YouTube earnings fast like a rocket

New secrets to increase RPM and YouTube earnings fast like a rocket
New secrets to increase RPM and YouTube earnings fast like a rocket

Many of the profit-making channels on YouTube suffer from poor profits, or in other words, the RPM is very low, so today on arbahinet website we will learn how to increase YouTube profits by raising the RPM, which is the first factor that controls the amount of profit from YouTube, I will talk to you In this article, I am about a personal experience. I personally am on one of my YouTube channels, where I suffer from a problem of lack of profits, or a very weak RPM of $0.10 per thousand views, meaning 10 thousand views, of which I earn only one dollar. 

I contacted YouTube support to solve the problem of poor RPM. They gave me some tips that the majority overlook, although they help raise the RPM of the channel and increase its profits very significantly. First, let's provide a simple definition of RPM. Previously, for example: If your channel's rpm is $0.2, you will earn only $2 on 20 thousand views, while there are some Arabic channels on YouTube that have $2 or more. I will give you the reasons why they get this percentage of profits on YouTube in the paragraphs We will also learn how to increase rpm from a reliable source, which is YouTube Support. 

How to increase YouTube earnings and raise RPM in the channel


There are many factors that lead to a weak or an increase in rpm in YouTube channels, if this value increases in your channel, this means that you make more profits, either if the opposite happens, it means that your channel is heading towards the abyss and your profits decrease, an increase in the number of views that does not make a profit To the decrease in the profit per thousand impressions rpm, for this I told you in the lesson of how to make money from short videos on YouTube that you do not publish short videos repeatedly in your YouTube channel because it will cause a decrease in profits, this is what YouTube confirmed through the source that you will find below if you want to be approved For short videos in profit, dedicate their own channel to them, and you are completely free.


What is the difference between CPM and RPM?

CPM refers to the cost of 1000 ad impressions before calculating the YouTube share of this profit, while the RPM is the exact opposite, where it refers to the cost of a thousand impressions after deducting the YouTube share of the profits, in other words, the RPM is the profit that you will take for every thousand views in the channel. The question now is how to raise the RPM of the channel on YouTube?.

- All sources used in this article: SUPPORT YOUTUBE

Ways to raise RPM in the channel according to YouTube experts


In order to inquire about ways to increase the profits of my YouTube channel and exactly increase the RPM, I contacted YouTube support to take some information about the topic, which I will share with you in this lesson. The channel and also some solutions that will help me raise it on my channel and make great profits from every thousand impressions, let's get to know together how to increase rpm:

  • To increase the rpm, you must activate all forms of advertisements on the channel: There are some owners of YouTube channels who overlook YouTube advice that is their source of livelihood and follow what others say, if someone tells you to delete this advertisement or you do not follow it at all because YouTube tells you to do all available forms of advertisements.

  • Activate the profit-making feature in all the channel’s videos: Of course, this step is for all of you to do it correctly, so there is no need to dwell on it, simply do the ads in all the channel’s videos.

  • Activate the display of ads in the middle of the videos: In other words, YouTube tells you to make videos above 8 minutes to help you add ads during playback, which helps greatly in raising the rpm in the channel. I have a very exclusive gift for you for everyone who followed the article to this line, YouTube told me as you watched In the video, videos more than 15 minutes increase the chance of ads appearing in them, and thus increase rpm and profits.

  • Activate additional income generation features: It means that you must activate the feature of affiliated channels in addition to the Super Chat feature and other alternative methods that help increase and diversify your sources of income that can also lead to an increase in channel rpm.

These are the only ways to increase YouTube profits, and rpm does not have others, because it is from a reliable source, which is YouTube, do not search elsewhere because I have put for you all the ways that YouTube suggests to raise rpm in addition to this, there are some other factors that help in increasing it, such as geographical location and age of the user, for example, channels Children profits are almost non-existent. So why are there some channels that run Arabic content but have great profits and a very high rpm?.

Why do some YouTube channels have a very high RPM?


There are some channels in YouTube that have very high RPM, you may have asked why today I will explain to you why some channels have high RPM, there are many reasons for high earnings per thousand views:

  • Content-type: The type of channel or content field that determines the channel’s profits for every thousand views. Will it be weak or high by 70%, for example, if a person talks about "phones, cameras, profit from the Internet, trading, applications" and there are many other areas that It has a high rate in rpm, search on YouTube and you will find, why exactly do these types of content? have a high rate of profits per thousand impressions, the main reason is the advertiser's interest in this type of content, for example, I have a company that sells phones and I want to make ads for it, I will never place my ads in channels Cooking, but I will target the channels that talk on the phones, and the percentage of money that I will spend on the campaign will be very large. You can apply the same thing to advertisers of cameras, applications or programs.

  • Country and age: the viewer’s geographical area plays a big role in the channel’s profits because foreign countries, of course, have a different mentality and interact with advertisements, unlike Arab countries that still do not believe in buying from the Internet, except for a few countries such as the Gulf states, which of course your profits from them are very high per thousand appearance, in addition to the age of the viewer, which can increase YouTube earnings and RPM if your audience is an adult and vice versa for children because children do not have a bank card or Paypal to make a specific payment on an advertisement, for example, so if you want to make an advertisement on YouTube and went to choose Age groups You will find that the audience that you can target is over 18 years old, and there is no effect on children.

These were some effective ways that help you greatly in raising the RPM of your YouTube channel and thus increasing profits. I also provided you with some tips and solutions provided by YouTube. If you watched the video that I put for you, I tried it on my channel in front of you and compared some videos and their profits, if you liked Lesson Leave your mark in the comments, thank you and goodbye.