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Secrets of earning from YouTube to double the profits of your YouTube channel

Secrets of earning from YouTube to double the profits of your YouTube channel

Secrets of earning from YouTube to double the profits of your YouTube channel
Secrets of earning from YouTube to double the profits of your YouTube channel

In fact, earning from YouTube channels has become a very complicated matter for many YouTubers, who have good photography capabilities and the best production programs, but what makes your videos reach a small number of people are simple things and little secrets that will help you increase your profits and reach a large audience on YouTube There are many YouTube content creators asking what is the duration of the video that I should use and what is the correct duration of the video, and what is the duration of profit from the video, secrets that we will learn to profit from YouTube 2022 in a correct way, and you must know the importance of keywords and targeting It is very important to get more views and reach a larger audience on YouTube.

What are the secrets of earning from YouTube?

YouTube is a wide world for profit through videos, but there are terms and policies for make money from YouTube, whether it is the policies of the content or the content itself, its type, your way of speaking while explaining a video, etc. Specific conditions must be adhered to in order to be able to make a profit on your channel first so that you can profit from YouTube, and also you must understand YouTube's policies well, and understand YouTube's SEO. To learn more about profit from YouTube, visit the earning from YouTube section of our website.

The appropriate length of time for a YouTube video

There are many YouTubers who use a video of more than 8 minutes in their content, to increase YouTube profits and also will allow you to place a large number of ads on your videos and make more profits on YouTube, but will this method make you keep the audience on your channel? Will you make your followers continue to watch the video? Will you make subscribers watch other videos on your channel? Will the viewer subscribe to your channel and continue the video? You never asked yourself these questions.

The appropriate duration for YouTube videos, which is recommended by experts

My advice to you, my beloved brother, do not prolong the duration of the video. You do not make a movie or a series, especially if the important part of the video can be explained in a 5-minute video. There are many YouTubers who want to talk a lot so that the video duration reaches 8 minutes or more, knowing that in Basically, videos do not need more than 5 minutes, and this will cause a very big problem, which is that the viewer will not watch the video from one to the other, and this will make the order of the video download from YouTube because the viewer will feel bored. Viewers want videos of a small duration, meaning that they will know You have summarized everything that is important, it will make the viewer watch the video from beginning to end, because if he watches a small part and leaves the video, it will make this video download from the search engine, and from the number of reaching a larger audience. 5 minutes, and if it takes 20 minutes, explain the 20 minutes.

What are the most important secrets to making money from YouTube channels?

And here I will explain to you information that many people do not know only that specialists in the field of profit from Google Adsense know, and this method is the famous one, which is to make the video duration of 8 minutes so that you can place more ads, here the price of clicks on ads is greater. But many YouTubers ask why short videos make more money than videos that range from 8 minutes or more.

The first secret to increase YouTube profits and profit from Adsense

Profiting from Google Adsense has its own ways that you must know well before you start in any field related to profit from Google Adsense. It is targeting topics that have a large search, for example, if my topic is about learning the Arabic language, I will not find a large monthly search on it, but if I am talking about profit from the Internet or profit from YouTube or profit from Google Adsense, I will find that such topics have an appropriate monthly search And big, so you should choose the most profitable field.

- To learn more about profit from Google Adsense, I will put for you, dear reader, an exclusive article on our website, which I advise you to read titled Earning from Google Adsense for beginners 2022 | 4 best ways.

The second secret to earn money from YouTube 

The second secret is targeting or the country that is looking for this field or the so-called "niche". For example, if your content targets the state of Egypt, the profit here will be weak, but if, for example, you are talking about the field of cars, here you will target larger countries such as the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, those countries You love and love cars, so target the area that Arabs are looking for, as well as foreigners.

The third secret to earn money from YouTube channels

Which is the age, if your channel’s content targets children aged less than 18 years, the profits will be weak, and this is because of one thing, which is that the advertising company knows this child will not subscribe to the channel, will not click on the advertisement, and will not buy a product from this advertisement, but if the content of your channel, for example, is about medicine, this means that the profits will be high because there is no doubt that the viewer will be more than 25 years old, at least, and this indicates that this person knows how to buy or at least that he will know the name of the company.

- And here is the end of our topic, which was entitled Secrets of earning from YouTube to double the profits of your channel, ways that no one will tell you about,  I hope that these strategies have helped you.