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Steps to making money on youtube (comprehensive guide for beginners)

Steps to making money on youtube (comprehensive guide for beginners)

Steps to making money on youtube (comprehensive guide for beginners)
Steps to making money on youtube (comprehensive guide for beginners)

Making money on youtube is the most important source for many people, so that it has become their main source to achieve a stable amount of money every month, and there are even those who left their main job and went to work on YouTube.

Other than what is striking, there are many beginners who do not know how to start working on YouTube, and even those who started working are very frustrated, especially at the beginning, because the path to profit is not easy, as he initially imagined.

That is why we are today, God willing, and through the "arbahinet" website, we will teach you the ways to profit from this colloquial platform, and we will also share with you the method that most YouTubers adopt to achieve the conditions first and reach a large number of subscribers in a very short time.

These are the most important points that we will share with you in this article:

1- Steps to create a YouTube channel.

* The idea of ​​creating the channel.

* Beginning of channel creation.

* youtube cover design.

2- The equipment you need to start earning from YouTube.

* sites to remove image background.

3- Terms of monetization from YouTube.

* How will YouTube earnings be received?.

4- The most profitable content on YouTube.

5- How much does youtube pay for 1000 views.

6- How did he become a successful and famous YouTuber?.

1- Steps to create a YouTube channel

Before we talk about the steps of creating a channel on YouTube, it is necessary to mention the number of YouTube users, as the statistics revealed at the end of this year to 2.29 billion monthly active users.

This number means one thing, is that you can make fantastic sums of money from this global platform, so what are the steps for creating a YouTube channel?

The idea of ​​creating the channel

The idea of ​​creating the channel

To create a YouTube channel, the first thing you need is the idea of ​​creating the channel. This step is the most important thing. If you plan well, there is no doubt that it will save you a lot of time and effort.

In a more precise sense, you must choose your channel's content carefully and accurately, and here it is preferable that it stems from your own ability, skill or education.

For example, if we take the most successful channels, you will find that their owners are attracted by the content in which they work: phone reviews, vlogs, makeup, car reviews ... etc.

By choosing the field that appeals to you, there is no doubt that you will be creative in it, and thus you will provide videos of very high quality, which means that the channel will be 100% successful.

Beginning of channel creation

So, after thinking about the channel field, the stage of creating the channel comes. The process simply requires you to create a beautiful account on Google.

After creating Gmail, you go to the YouTube platform, to link the channel to the Gmail account through that icon that you will find at the top of the YouTube platform.

After that, you click on the circular icon, and go to the channel settings, to choose a name for the channel by clicking on "Use a business or other name", because YouTube will be charged with naming the channel with the same name that you opened the beautiful, so you should pay attention to this matter.

In fact, many beginners face this problem, and when they want to change the name, they find it very difficult, because the followers are accustomed to seeing the name of the first channel, even though they do not memorize it.

For this reason, I advise you first to think of a name that is easy to pronounce and be in English, for example: facts, and it is preferable that the name is indicative of the content that you will provide.

My advice to you: Avoid the long name, the compound name of letters and numbers, as well as the pre-existing names, i.e. the names of channels ... meaning that the name of your channel is easy to remember, so everyone who watched your channel for once, should remember its name.

youtube cover design

youtube cover design

In addition to adjusting the channel settings such as choosing the name carefully, now comes the stage of designing the YouTube cover and personal photo.

And here we mean the cover, that is, the background image of the channel, so that its size is 1440 x 2560, so this is the size of the large screen.

And to create a YouTube cover, I advise you to create it for free on the canva website, just enter the sizes and design your channel cover as you wish.

And I advise you not to forget to put an accurate description of the channel, indicating the field it offers, as visitors are always curious and love to know all things about the channel.  

2- The equipment you need to start earning from YouTube

The equipment you need to start earning from YouTube

I know that there are many for whom equipment is a major obstacle in the beginning of shooting videos, but make sure, dear reader, that if you think this way, you will never start.

I know that there are many channels that have achieved great success, their beginnings were not as you think now, they started filming with a phone with very weak specifications.

I am very sure that you now have a phone with at least average specifications, so what are you waiting for, you can start with it while you have the capabilities to buy a camera, a micro, lighting, a computer for editing … etc.

It is true that equipment is an essential thing in producing high-quality videos, but the most important thing is to start working, and for the content to be of good quality in terms of information.

And if you have a little money, you can invest it in buying a Micro (boya) for $ 20, as it works on the phone and the camera, and makes a softbox using only cardboard.

As for editing, you can download applications on your phone that are sufficient for the purpose, for example, these applications: filmoraGo, Inshot, kinemaster, Movie Maker … etc.

sites to remove image background

You may need these sites to remove the background of the image, in order to design a thumbnail for the video, or you may need it to design the cover of the YouTube banner, or you need it to put it as a profile image... or other uses.

- First site: enter it from here

- Second site: enter it from here

- Third site: enter it from here

- Fourth site: enter it from here

3- Terms of monetization from YouTube

Achieving profit from YouTube depends on fulfilling a set of conditions, before sending a request to review your channel to Google Adsense, in order to profit from the ads that will be shown on your channel’s videos, and these conditions are:

Residency in a country where YouTube Partner Programs are available.

  • Get 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  • Achieving 4000 watch hours within 12 months, on the creation of the channel.
  • Not to commit any active warning, such as copyright infringement.
  • Opening an Adsense account and linking it to the channel.

So, after fulfilling these conditions, you can submit a request to review the channel by Google Adsense, and after you accept the channel, Adsense will direct you to display ads on your videos, through which you will make profits.

How will YouTube earnings be received ?

To receive YouTube earnings, you link Adsense to your bank account, and whenever you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, Adsense sends you your payments, which take place between the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of every month.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, but this amount varies from one country to another. There are some countries that are paid once you reach $80, such as Morocco.

4- The most profitable content on YouTube

In fact, this point is very basic and important in earning money on YouTube, so that if you choose good content, advertisers will target your flash and your profits from it will be large.

The differences in content are due to many things, most notably the age of the viewers, the interests of the people, the countries where your videos are watched, the watch time … etc.

For example, the most profitable content in our Arab world is technical content, phone review content, real estate content, cryptocurrency content, car review content, tourism content…

As for the content that I do not recommend to you, especially in countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia... it is the educational content, there are also those who complain about the content of cooking.  

5- How much does youtube pay for 1000 views

In fact, there is no set amount for every 1000 views on the channel, you may find the same content channels, except that the profits of each of them differ.

The reason for this difference is due to the difference in the price per click of the ad (RPM), the viewer's interest in the videos that are presented, and the source of the views.

For example, if your audience is all from Western countries, flash and your profits for 1,000 views will be very high, simply because Western countries buy online, meaning if you see a specific advertisement on your channel, you can click on it with the intention of buying.

This is not achieved in Arab countries, which is why you find the profits of 1000 views are very weak, almost a few cents in some content.

It is also up to advertisers to target the content of your channel, and if it is, then of course your profits will be good.

 Only to approximate 1000 views from the United States of America is worth 10 dollars, while 1000 views from Norway equals 14 dollars... while 1000 views in the Arab country do not exceed 3 dollars.

6- How did he become a successful and famous YouTuber?

How did he become a successful and famous YouTuber

In all honesty, "How to become a successful YouTuber" is a fundamental question, and as everyone knows that there are millions of channels on YouTube, but are they all successful channels? of course not.

The success of the channel depends on the quality of the content of the channel. If it is, then you are sure to become a successful and famous YouTuber.

Dear reader, content that is free of creativity, do not expect fame and success from it. You must be creative in your content using new technologies and an acceptable creative artistic style, and all this will attract the attention of followers and they will subscribe to your channel without hesitation.

in another meaning; Content without creativity, without quality, without a flexible and acceptable style, never think about the success of the channel, so you should think about these things seriously.

Here is a link to the weather website:

The site is here

In the end, I hope that the article we chose for it titled "Steps for Profiting from YouTube for Beginners" has won your admiration, and if so, I hope you will share it with others.