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The 4 best marketing books of the year

The 4 best marketing books of the year

The 4 best marketing books of the year
The 4 best marketing books of the year

It is said that reading is a sport of the mind and an elevation of thought. This is true, but we cannot forget that reading plays a great role in developing the capabilities and skills of the individual, especially in his field of work. That is why we will tell you in this article about the 4 best marketing books, which will provide you with the foundations and basics of marketing. 

We will talk about the 4 best marketing books, which you can rely on to develop yourself in the field of marketing, these books are translated into many languages, including Arabic, and what is not translated written in English. 

The marketing books that I will present to you in this article are among the best books written in the field of marketing, whether electronic or traditional and are recommended by marketing experts around the world. Because it will really develop your marketing skill and will teach you about the mysteries of the marketing process.

The best e-marketing books

- Marketing definition

In this definition, we will focus on e-marketing, which is quite similar to traditional marketing, except that the first depends on the Internet as a mainstay, while the second depends on the network of real relationships so that this process takes place in a commercial store on the ground.

Marketing is a strategy or plan followed by marketers, which is based mainly on modern communication technology using the Internet, by transforming the virtual market into a real market. In order to reach the desired goals, such as: increasing the company's profits, achieving more sales, getting many visitors to the website, promoting commercial products.

Or in a more general sense: the concept of e-marketing is the good use of the company, shop owner or contractor... of modern means of communication (e-mail, social networking sites, television channels, electronic gestures...etc) in order to reach potential customers (clients), in order to reach the level of higher than profits.

- The importance of marketing 

I will try to put in your hands a set of reasons that drive many companies, including you, dear reader, to focus on e-marketing, whether you are a project owner, or just an amateur looking for an additional employment opportunity.

1- The massive increase in Internet users

Can you imagine with me, dear reader, dear reader, how many new users are on the Internet every year? About 340 million users annually, an increase of up to 7%, a very terrible number... This has reached, according to the statistics of the first half of this year, about 4.59 billion users, out of 7.7 billion people of the world's population, that is, almost more than half the population of the globe uses world wide web.

Now imagine with me if you can reach only half a billion of these users, of course, there is no doubt and there is no question about it that you will become one of the richest people in the world.

So, your chances of reaching these large numbers of users remain, but if you make good use of modern means of communication, you can use them well.

2- Be smart about e-marketing

The Internet has become a small world, close to the distances and providing all the services that the potential customer is looking for. Through it, you can know and read, you who are thinking of creating a project, the plans and programs of all business owners, so you can compete with them or at least learn from them.

You cannot now find, for example, a clothing store, even if it is small, that does not have a page on Facebook or Instagram, if this indicates that entrepreneurs have the great role of e-marketing.

3- The internet is your chance to bring in more clients

In fact, the first thing I do when I want to buy a certain thing, is to visit the Internet to search for that thing, and this is what you also do… isn’t it?.

These are the research models we do today: 

- Cheapest hotel in town...

- car price...

- The nearest hamburger shop...

- Lawyer address...

Ok… Now imagine with me if you are not on the Internet, dear reader, who are you thinking of creating a project? Of course, no one will know you, and you will give the other the opportunity to gain many clients from this semi-global world.

4- Internet marketing provides you with many benefits

Internet marketing is the cheapest at all, for example, it will not cost you to create a page on social networking sites or anything, only what I will advise you, of course, if you have the desire to do so, which is to invest a little of your budget to make an advertising campaign that does not exceed ten dollars at the beginning as an experiment, Because with these advertising campaigns, you will increase your profits, and you will gain new customers.

After that, you can restrict the results of the media campaign, by taking advantage of mistakes and strengthening the positive aspects. If you analyze these data accurately, there is no doubt that the next advertising campaign will be more professional than the previous one, all in order to reach satisfactory results.

best marketing books

The best marketing books

1- Principles of Marketing book  

The Marketing Fundamentals book is one of the most important books, which it is recommended to read in the field of electronic or traditional marketing, research. You cannot pass a course of formative courses, without talking about the Marketing Fundamentals book, due to its useful content.

The principal of marketing is the author of Professor Philip Kotler, born May 27, 1931, who is considered one of the most influential business thinkers.

The Marketing Fundamentals book talks about the basic principles and important steps in the field of commerce so that it is presented in an understandable and smooth style, as you cannot not understand its simple content, the latter has achieved hundreds or even thousands of sales globally.     

2- Kotler's book on Marketing  Kotler on Marketing

The book "Kotler talks about marketing" is considered one of the most important and prominent marketing books of our time, and it is written by Professor Philip Kotler, an expert in the field of business.

In this book, Kotler touched on the latest marketing strategies, talking about the obstacles that current marketers face, highlighting the developments in the field of marketing, especially in light of the emergence of the Internet and its spread across the world.

The book "Kotler talks about marketing" is classified as one of the most important and prominent books that it is recommended to read in the field of digital marketing or traditional marketing, because through it you will learn a set of strategies that will help you in managing your business, and you will also understand many new laws, especially in light of modern technological developments.

3- Marketing Management book 

The Marketing Management book, written by Paul Peter and James Donnelly, is also one of the most important and well-known books in the world of marketing, especially in our time.

The book "Marketing Management" focuses on the basics of the marketing process, by presenting the stages of its inception, and its basic rules, so that it presents these ideas in a smooth and simplified manner, so that a wide segment of the book’s readers around the world can understand it.

It also provides a set of analyzes on marketing, starting from the old traditional marketing, to bring the reader to new, modern strategies that he can rely on in managing his marketing work.

4- Permission  Marketing book

This book is also one of the best books, which it is recommended to read, which talks about the idea of ​​motivating the supposed customers in exchange for marketing to them, but this matter is based on a tactful communicative discourse, the basis of which is to create a bridge of trust between the two parties.

"Permission-Based Marketing" is a book by Seth Godin, a well-known writer, marketer and entrepreneur who owns a blog about his personal experiences in the field of marketing.

In this article, we tried to present you with the best marketing books, of course, there are other books that some may consider better than the ones we presented, but we do not disagree that the books that were presented are the most read and sold, the most useful and the best rated among readers.

In conclusion, I hope that you have liked the article and that you have really benefited. If so, I hope that you will share it with those who you think, uh, needs.

- In the end, I would like to tell you that the field of marketing is a vast field, you must first read and then apply because by doing so you will achieve your ambitions and reach your goal.