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The 8 best sites to profit from Watching Ads

The 8 best sites to profit from Watching Ads
The 8 best sites to profit from Watching Ads

There are many profitable sites that pay for watching ads, where such sites allow the subscriber to watch ads across their pages for a specific period in exchange for money, and the number of ads ranges from 15 to 20 ads per day, but most of these sites provide other tasks that you can profit from other than watching ads Such as profit from playing games, profit from surveys, profit from completing some tasks, and profit from inviting your friends to register through your referral link. 

In this article, you will learn about the truth about making money from the Internet by watching ads, and the best sites from which you can generate additional income by watching a certain number of ads; Continue the explanation.

The truth about sites that make money from watching ads

Recently, there have been a lot of sites to earn money from watching ads, and although there are some unsecured sites on the other hand, there are other honest sites that you can profit from, but you should be aware that most of these sites pay profits in cents and often the profit is very little from them.

For example, in return for watching ads for three months, you may eventually be surprised that your profits do not exceed five dollars, but if you are interested in knowing ways to make money from the Internet for beginners, and you want to know the best sites to make money from ads, you know this list, but I advise you to review our article on earn money online, you will find information of interest to you.

What is the best site to earn money by watching ads?

Cointiply website

If you are looking to watch ads and profit from them, Cointiply offers you the possibility to profit from watching ads and profit from completing some tasks, and it includes ten other profit methods, and it is one of the honest profit sites, where you can withdraw your profits when you reach three and a half dollars by converting it into paper currencies Annually, the site offers additional profits of up to 5% in addition to your main profits.

Timebucks website

Timebucks is a well-known site for earning from watching ads, and it contains a full set of tasks that you can earn through it such as answering polls, participating in contests, watching videos, writing captcha codes, and earning from your invitation to people who register through your link.

The site also allows you to withdraw your profits when you reach $ 10, and you can click on ads and perform some other tasks, and the profit rate on this site ranges between 20 to 30 cents per day, and it also provides you with withdrawing your profits by converting them into fiat currencies such as Bitcoin or converting them to one of the following electronic banks: Payer, Skrill.

keep rewarding website

Keep rewarding is new to its predecessors, as you can earn from it by watching ads, and through other ways, it provides such as watching videos, performing some simple tasks, answering surveys, and participating in its offers.

The site calculates by collecting points and you can withdraw your profits when you get 110 points for one dollar, and then you can transfer them to your PayPal account or Amazon cards.

Ysense website

Ysense is dedicated to the Arab Gulf countries. If you reside in one of the Gulf countries, you can start profiting from it, as it is also considered one of the sincere benefits; But it does not depend entirely on viewing advertisements, but rather on completing the tasks within the site, and recently the service of viewing advertisements was completely canceled and the site relied on performing tasks, and opinion polls, you can withdraw your profits when you reach $5 through electronic banks: Pioneer, PayPal, or via Amazon Cards.

Adbtc website

Adbtc specializes in earning bitcoins by watching ads, and provides subscribers with many ads during the day, and pays profits every three days, and you can withdraw your profits when you get 3000 satoshis, as they are transferred to the Faucetpay wallet, or you can withdraw your profits to your own wallet when you get 50,000 satoshis.

The site also provides the possibility of profit in the ruble and bitcoin, and since bitcoin is on the rise and increasing, your profit potential from this site will double over time.

Neobux website

Neobox is one of the most famous and safest sites in the world. It is one of the oldest sites to earn money from watching ads. You can register on the site to get a large percentage of profits according to the number of points. The site provides some games that depend on luck and you can win by playing It ranges from 25-50 dollars.

The site also provides the possibility of withdrawing when your earnings reach 10,000 points, and you can convert points into money, the site increases the number of ads that appear to you with the length of time, and you can double your earnings by inviting your friends through your referral link, and provides the ability to withdraw through banks The following electronic: Payza, PayPal, or through the money transfer company Neteller.

Inboxdollars website

Inboxdollars is one of the easy sites to get profits from watching ads, and it provides a number of ads daily, records profits in dollars, and when you register on the site, it gives you $ 5 as a gift, and the site also provides other services for profit such as playing some games or searching through the site’s browser or answer surveys, you can get your money by check or transfer it to PayPal, and a minimum withdrawal of $ 30 is allowed.

Clixblue website

Clixblue determines different earnings for short ads and long ads, you can also earn by inviting your friends through your referral link to increase your earnings, and multiply your earnings by watching your friends for ads, the site provides the ability to withdraw via PayPal and Neteller.

Finally, I hope that I have succeeded in providing an easy and simplified explanation of the reality of profit from the Internet by watching advertisements, and what are the best sites for profit from advertisements that can be tried.

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