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Top 3 websites to download videos without Copyright

Top 3 websites to download videos without Copyright

Top 3 websites to download videos without Copyright
Top 3 websites to download videos without Copyright

Welcome, visitors to arbahinet website, many people are looking for royalty-free videos, and most of those looking for royalty-free videos are the owners of YouTube channels, in order to publish them on their channels or even to show them in some video clips that they design and publish, The reason why YouTubers are looking for such channels is that YouTube prevents channel owners from taking videos that are not theirs and publishing them on their channels. Many have a problem with copyright on video upload platforms.

Best site to download videos without copyright

After you upload the video files, you will find that you are facing a problem that may lead to banning your account or obtaining a copyright violation by YouTube. If you have one or more violations of intellectual property rights and copyright laws, your YouTube channel can be suspended or terminated. Therefore, in this post, I will present to you the top 3 websites to download videos without Copyright you can resort to download and free high-quality HD and 4K videos that are diverse and wonderful that do not have copyrights to publish and reprint for personal, commercial or YouTube use, each site has great features for obtaining videos And start working on the internet.

Videezy site

Videezy is one of the most famous and largest sites from which you can get royalty-free videos, as it provides you with high-quality videos that make filmmaking easy. In addition, most of the files are free to download and almost free to use. You also find on it add-ons for animation videos and After Effects templates, the site I use personally to get videos without copyright, for the wonderful features that it enjoys, and among these features is that it provides you with videos in various fields with high resolution up to 4k, and among its advantages is that it provides A group of renewed videos throughout the week in very high quality, and you can download videos in the resolution of your choice.


Funny videos without copyright

Although not all Videezy videos are free, there is a large selection of free videos for personal and commercial use. It's also easy to tell the difference, as the featured clips have a green "Pro" tag on their thumbnails. The way to use it is very simple, as all you have to do is access the site and enter the keyword that indicates the field of the video you are looking for. The site will show you hundreds of videos related to the keyword that you can download and re-upload on YouTube and profit from it. If you are looking for free HD videos, then Videezy should be your first choice.

Videezy Website Link

cute stock footage site

cute stock footage is also one of the best sites that gives you free videos and without copyright. The site is one of the sites that make videos, specifically for film industry professionals, as it provides distinctive audio and video videos, which you can edit easily through video editing programs. Knowing that the site offers two types of videos, videos for free, and videos for which you pay a fee for their use, but the codes are very simple.


The videos appear on the home page in random order, although this can be changed using the filters at the top of the page. The search bar is responsive and probably the best way to find a video you're looking for. Just make sure you check the "Video" filter because the site has other royalty-free assets as well. The site users can browse videos by most popular, most downloaded, newest, or choose from among the most popular hashtags. Cute stock footage provides a wide choice for users to get free videos, as the site includes different categories of videos such as nature, aerial videos, green background videos, transitions, elements, effects, and more. This site is considered one of the famous sites related to the field of premium video industry.

cute stock footage website link

Pexels website

Pexels is the last site that is distinguished by its inclusion of a large group of video clips, ranging in length from ten seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes, in high-quality HD and without copyright so that you can upload them to YouTube and monetize them without any problems. Pexels is one of the famous sites for providing free high-quality videos in different categories, and the site provides a special section for those interested in free pictures, with the same mechanism used in the videos section. The site enables users to search for the topic of the video, use the most popular hashtags, or access the most popular videos, in addition to knowing some details of the video before downloading it, such as duration, resolution and frames per second.


Videos without rights and in high-resolution investable on YouTube

The site provides all the videos for free download in high quality and in MP4 format and they are provided under the CC0 license which guarantees you to use the video for any purpose including business without restrictions or conditions. It offers the user the ability to download Stock Video or Stock Footage videos for free, with easy access to the appropriate videos through clear categories such as technology, water, trees, animals, etc. You can download videos from the site for free, but you cannot choose the quality of the video when downloading, it will be downloaded in the default resolution of the video. You can also download videos from the site without registering or subscribing to the site.

Pexels website link

- These were the best sites where you can find royalty-free videos for free, you can download whatever you want and use them in your own project and business. But these are not the only sites out there, there are other sources you can turn to as well like Pixabay, Life of vids, Splitshire, Clipstill, and if you are aware of another source not mentioned here, share it with us in the comments below.

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