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Types of marketing strategies

Types of marketing strategies
Types of marketing strategies

The search for an answer, what are marketing strategies, has become much more nowadays, given the huge and alarming increase in Internet use.

Increasing the number of Internet users, its only meaning is to increase the chances of profit from the Internet through electronic marketing, or what is also called digital marketing.

Dear reader, we will answer you in this article the question of what are marketing strategies, in addition, I will put in your hands the different types of marketing strategies.

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What are the marketing strategies?

Marketing strategy is defined as the method or plan designed by a person or group of people (a company) to enter the new market, with a desire to attract new and many customers.

These marketing plans or strategies are divided into short-term strategy, medium-term strategy, and long-range strategy.

The marketing strategy is based on good and tight planning. The more the planning is based on accurate scientific foundations, the better the marketing results will be.

It should be noted that there are some definitions that separated the marketing strategy and the marketing plan, so that they defined the marketing strategy as a strategy based on focusing on what companies aspire to achieve their goals and objectives.

As for the marketing plan, it is more general than the marketing strategy, as it provides all the details related to achieving the pre-planned goals.

However, we believe that there is no difference between the two terms as long as they focus on the basis of short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning.

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Types of marketing strategies

The different types of marketing strategies are due to the nature of the company’s work and its surroundings. Marketing strategies are divided into the following:

discrimination strategy

It is a strategy based on the idea of ​​distinction and exclusivity; So that the company or the individual can have characteristics that are not distinguished by a seller, whether he is an individual or a company, as these characteristics can be before the sale and after the sale.

cost leadership strategy

The cost leadership strategy is based on the company's exploitation of its available resources, so that the results are optimally invested, the production is at exemplary standards, and the sale is made at the same prices as the competing companies in the market.

seasonal strategies

Seasonal strategies are based on the idea that the strategy that must be thought about is the one related to when the company or individual can advertise a product, when it will be promoted, and what is the appropriate method for that, with determining its quantity and storage methods.

National and Regional Strategies (Local Market Strategies)

This strategy contributes greatly to determining the marketing plan of the individual or the company, and this plan can be national, regional, or a combination of them among other plans.

focus strategy

The focus strategy is based on the idea of ​​excellence and uniqueness in defining a specific competitive field so that the company determines its industrial product, and thus it will be specialized in one field. For example, you focus on selling electric motorcycles or other areas. However, this requires the company to search for a long time and continuous work.

Spending Strategies

In this strategy, the less selling products must be supported by spending a certain amount of money, by targeting the appropriate markets for that.

Marketing mix strategies

In this type of marketing strategy, the company can adapt its product, product price, method of marketing, and promotion according to what serves the goals of the individual or the company.

Article summary

In this article, I tried to answer the question of what are marketing strategies, by providing an accurate and simplified definition of this concept, and I also talked about the types of marketing strategies.

It should be noted that there are other types of marketing strategies, but they are not as basic as the one we mentioned in this article for which we chose the title “What are Marketing Strategies”.

I hope that you liked the article. If so, do not hesitate, dear readers, to share it with those who you think are in dire need of knowing what marketing strategies are. 

And if you want to inquire about any questions, I will be happy to receive them at the bottom of the article, as long as you are healthy, dear readers.