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What is passive income? And what are its sources? And what are its types?

What is passive income? And what are its sources? And what are its types?

What is passive income? And what are its sources? And what are its types?
What is passive income? And what are its sources? And what are its types?

Passive income is one of the three recognized types (portfolio income and active income), but the question arises here, what is passive income? What are the sources of passive income? What are the most important ways that we can rely on to get passive income?

In fact, there are many who wish to have passive income, while there are many who do not even know the meaning of this term, so I will share with you in this article everything related to passive income, in addition to the sources that you can rely on to obtain passive income.

What I will ask you, dear reader, is to read the article from the first to the last; So that you do not miss out on any information that may be useful for you to understand the sources of passive income

What is passive income?

Passive income is that money that an individual can get regularly (every month), without any effort or with little effort.

It is true that if we proceed from the semantic side of "passive income", then some will think at first glance that it is a regular income that is achieved without any effort, and this is not true.

Simply put, passive income is like active income and portfolio income, especially at its beginning. However, the fundamental difference between them is that after a period of work, passive income brings you regular monthly money without a great effort. 

Hence, the saying "money in exchange for work" becomes invalid with the concept of passive income. If, for example, you work in a government job, or in a private company, it is your duty to attend and perform your tasks every day with diligence and mastery, and work to satisfy your manager to obtain a promotion that may not enrich or fatten Sometimes hungry. It is true that it is hard work that drains your energy and effort, your age, your health... and most importantly your time.

Passive income does not have all these limitations, as you can earn money at any time, even if you are sleeping, and in whatever health situation you are, in other words, you become more financially free, and from here you can think about leaving your primary job, enjoying your time, and taking care of your family And your health.

passive income sources

Passive income has many sources so that we do not have time here to mention all of these sources, but we will focus in this article on the most important and most prominent ones, especially those related to the Internet, or as some term it "profit from the Internet", although I do not agree with them, as I consider it work online.

Below I will share with you 4 sources of passive income, which are as follows:

passive income

1 - Achieving passive income from blogging (website)

Blogging is one of the most important sources of passive income, as we did not say who is the most prominent. The blog, or as it is called in English, a blog, is a website in which a person or group of people blogs about topics related to news, health, cooking or photography... In other words, it is a record in which a person writes articles In various fields to share with others, in order to exchange ideas and experiences.

The blog operates in a content management system, where it is a web page on the Internet, on which its manager publishes posts arranged in ascending chronological order, i.e. from newest to oldest, and includes an automated system based on archiving old articles, where you or the reader can return to it whenever you want.

The best evidence for the definition of the blog is the "arbahinet" blog on which you are now reading this topic, as I publish on it everything related to the field of work on the Internet.

So creating a blog (website) and publishing articles on it is one of the good sources of passive income, as after time you can achieve very large sums without any effort.

You can achieve a stable monthly income by relying on two methods, namely, first, Google Adsense advertising profits, and secondly, by renting advertising space on your site. These two ways make you make passive income while sitting at home counting the number of clicks on your site, sipping your favorite coffee, and having a good time.

In order to create a site for free, and start making passive income, after continuous and permanent work on publishing articles that people are looking for, I advise you to read this article that we previously wrote about how to create a Blogger site and profit from it

2 - Achieving passive income from YouTube

Today, YouTube is one of the best sources of passive income, so you can specialize in specific content and start creating videos and uploading them to your channel.

After you reach a certain number of subscribers, and your channel becomes famous, make sure, dear reader, that the profits that you will be achieving were never imagined, even while you were sleeping, by relying on two basic methods, profit from Google Adsense ads, as well as from the ads of companies that will communicate with you in a way Direct, this is called passive income. Below, I will share with you a brief overview of the YouTube platform.

YouTube ranks second in the world, in terms of monthly active users of social networks and specific messaging services, and this will undoubtedly push a large number of large investors who want to promote their companies, display their products, or request certain services…

 Which gives you, dear reader, a real opportunity to profit from this free global platform, and make hundreds of dollars per month, without needing a government job or the like.

The YouTube platform, owned by Google, revealed at its last conference, two billion (2 billion) monthly active users globally, and this large number does not include people who have accounts on this platform, but there are millions of users who watch videos without having an account, or Without logging in, this platform is available to everyone in more than 80 languages ​​around the world. 

It should be noted, dear readers, that YouTube is constantly announcing new strategies that allow channel owners to profit more from their channels.

for example; It introduced a feature for paid subscriptions, which gives owners access to many exclusive features, and they can also manually place ads on videos that exceed 8 minutes in length.

To be frank with you, profiting from YouTube requires a long time and patience, a little financial investment, and learning from the mistakes of others ... to get the results you want to reach. But be sure that YouTube will enrich you, and you will get a very, very respectable passive income from it.

how to make passive income online

For these and other reasons, the majority of Internet users prefer YouTube over other social communication platforms that play the same role as YouTube.

To learn more about how to create a YouTube channel, and the basic conditions for earning money from YouTube, I advise you to read these detailed articles.

3 - Achieving passive income from Amazon

Amazon is one of the best sources that you can rely on to achieve passive income, so that after diligent and continuous work for a certain period of time, you can rest and start earning money while sitting at your home. Before we introduce you to the ways in which you can make passive income, it is necessary to provide an overview of the Amazon company. 

Amazon is a giant American company founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, and it specializes in e-commerce, with its headquarters located in Washington, America.

Amazon is one of the largest retail companies in the world, generating very large amounts and sales annually globally.

Amazon owns a significant number of subsidiary companies, both those that it founded or those that it purchased in recent years.

Among these subsidiaries are: Search Engine (English: A9), Alexa internet, IMDB, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon and

As well as Amazon Drive, app store, Echo, Kindle, Fire tablets, Music, Music Unlimited, Amazon digital game store and video.

Among the main branches that you can rely on to achieve passive income are the following: 

- Amazon Kindle

You can achieve passive income from Amazon Kindle, after a period of work that may take 4 years or more, depending on the designs you designed and the books you published. The idea of ​​this platform is based on offering the books of authors and publishers for sale, through two basic formulas: either: ebook or paperback.

And ebook means: the books that you can buy and read in pdf format or you can buy in paper, and these books can be novels, stories, scientific, cultural, historical, or philosophical books...etc.

This method is not suitable for a large number of people wishing to profit from Amazon Kindle, as it can be said that 90% of these do not suit them. Being not writers, authors, critics...etc.

Even if you want to write an article, book, story, or anything, and you want it to sell well, you must write it in English or other international languages, and be proficient in it, in addition to being proficient in the material you will write in.

As for paperback, it means: they are paper books that can be printed, or in a more precise sense, they are called daily diaries, such as children’s coloring notes, personal information record notes, and notes used in schools and colleges, which are lined pages.

These two ways you can, after a period of work, sit down and start making money, so that Amazon costs to sell everything you have written or design, and the number of sales depends on its ability to design unique covers and write books that attract readers.  

- Merch by Amazon

The method of profit from designing Amazon t-shirts is considered one of the best and best ways, as there are those who prefer it over commission marketing, and this process is called merch by amazon.

The idea of ​​profit from designing Amazon t-shirts is based on designing logos and graphics on a t-shirt, and this process must be well thought out and planned.

For example, you can design t-shirts for specific events, targeting specific countries, for example, Christmas, football events and other international events and events.

The selling price of a t-shirt can range from $13.99 to $25.99, and this difference between the price of the t-shirt is due to the quality of its manufacture, and if any T-shirt is sold, you get 11% or 13% of the T-shirt you designed.

4 - Achieving passive income from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most well-known ways to profit from amazon, and it may seem to many that this term is complex and difficult to understand, and this difficulty in fact is what made many Internet users do not know much about it.

passive income

With ease and simplicity, commission marketing is for a person to promote the products of a particular company, by inviting friends to buy the products of this company through the link of that product or service, and in return, the company gives you in return for any commission "money" because you brought him a new buyer.

This is simply commission marketing. These links remain permanent on the video, website or any other platform you use. Whenever a viewer or visitor enters and buys, you receive a specific amount of money, and from it these links will work on you throughout your life, and this is called passive income.

general summary :

In conclusion, I tried in this article to first simplify the concept of passive income, and then I presented 4 sources of passive income, which I consider easy to implement for all beginners.

Dear reader, you cannot think of passive income while you are at the beginning of the journey, you must first work hard and diligently, and passive income will inevitably come after that.

- I hope that you liked the article. If so, do not forget to share it with those who you think are in dire need of understanding the meaning of passive income, and that they need to know their sources on the Internet.