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Where can you read reliable financial market news

Political and economic events have a direct and indirect impact on the performance of global financial markets including stock trading, forex, commodities and derivatives as well as cryptocurrencies, which you can trade on online trading platforms such as SquaredFinanical.

Therefore, being aware of the most important events on the economic agenda and following up on the latest global political and economic news is extremely important. In the following, we review together the most important and best sources of reliable financial market news at the international and Arab levels.

CNBC News Platform

It is worth noting that the platform allows users to access everything related to live data and prices for the various global financial markets, in addition to the ability to activate alerts, whether through the mobile phone or through the web version, to always be aware of breaking news and the most important course of events in various global markets.

CNBC's news platform is one of the most powerful financial markets sources on the media scene. It is mainly available on various mobile devices including iPhone and Android devices. In addition, there is CNBC's web version, which is a comprehensive platform that specializes primarily in financial and economic news.

The platform also allows its users to customize their account to follow and monitor live prices in the markets and display charts related to these markets, in addition to all the breaking news related to them as well. Thus, you are always on the cutting edge, which will definitely help you make the right investment decision for your investment portfolio.
The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has historically been one of the most powerful and reliable sources of information on the economy. Through the Wall Street Journal, you can view various reliable economic and financial news and reports. You can also customize your account on the platform in order to follow financial markets and receive all related news or specialized charts, which greatly helps you in your operations on online trading platforms such as SquaredFinancial.
Eastern Economy with Bloomberg

On the other hand, there are many well-known and trusted economic platforms at the international level, including MarketWatch, which is highly specialized in the economic field and following up on various global financial markets, whether through the platform’s mobile application or their web version.

We come here to talk about the most important Arab platforms specialized in the economic field, whether global or Arab, and at the forefront of these platforms is the Asharq - Bloomberg application, which is the reliable Arabic version of the global Bloomberg platform. Thanks to the Al Sharq platform, you can access all global and Arab economic news, in addition to everything related to the financial markets, including live data and an economic agenda, especially breaking news and various articles written by specialists in the field of economics.

It is worth noting that the Al Sharq - Bloomberg application is available on various mobile devices, including iPhone and Android phones. You can also customize your personal account to follow a financial market and monitor its prices and data in real time and everything related to it from urgent news and specialized reports, thus contributing significantly to making the right investment decision according to market movements and fluctuations.

Al Arabiya News Channel is one of the most prominent news platforms in the Arab world. This platform covers full and comprehensive coverage of the global and Arab financial markets, in addition to political events, various sectors and news, thus putting you at the heart of the event. In the economic news section, you can access everything related to financial news with the aim of always being up to date with everything that is new and then making the appropriate investment decision for your investment portfolio.