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Why does Adsense reject my site? Causes and solutions


This question is asked on a daily basis by everyone, why was my Google Adsense subscription rejected even though my blog is beautiful and complete?


You and I may see that your blog is beautiful and wonderful and contains useful topics, but AdSense may have a different opinion than yours. Today we will talk about the conditions for accepting your site in Adsense and some solutions to address the problem of Adsense rejection of your site.


Google Adsense Terms “Rejection Factors”


I will show you the conditions for admission to Adsense, and in the event of non-compliance with the conditions, they will become factors to reject your site, and please abide by them to avoid rejection of your application:


1- Personal information: When you fill in your data in your AdSense application, make sure that all the information you provide, as it must all be true and real, such as “address” must be in English and accurate and contain the word Street or abbreviation St and the beginning of the names must be in capital letters.

The important thing here is that you do not leave any field blank, and do a spell-check of the data before approving it.

2- Postal code: Most of us enter it randomly, and this is the most important reason for AdSense rejection of your site. The address you sent does not match the postal code, so you must know your postal code accurately through a post office in your area.

3- Rich content: AdSense does not accept a site that contains several “2-3” pages, and does not accept sites that contain weak content, such as an article with several lines and an image, so the solution here is to write large and rich articles attached to images related to the articles, and work on your blog to benefit and attract the visitor And not for profit.

4- Compatible design: When the employee in Adsense opens your site for review, the first thing he will see is the design. And fast.

5- Site specialization: I advise you to stay away from games and chat sites and download non-free games for free, pirated programs and cracks, because they will lead to your application in Adsense to a definite rejection, so be sure to choose a blogging field unique to your experience, close to your hobby or field of study, because the profit from Adsense It is profit from blogging.

6- Do not approach property rights: such as images and videos, because they will be like pirated programs and non-free games, so in short, I advise you to design your images yourself, it is not difficult, and you can do it simply with paint programs if you do not have experience in Photoshop.

7- Adsense the only advertising network: Adsense refuses to have another advertising company on the site, and in my personal opinion, there is no alternative to Adsense in the world or a better profitable company than it, and I advise you to read the following article that will prove to you that, the  best alternative to Google Adsense

8- Correct age: Your real age must be over 18 years old, and it is confirmed through your Google Plus account.

9- The presence of important pages: There must be important pages in the header: About us - Archive - Contact us, and each page must contain the full information about your site.




I applied all the conditions and yet my application was rejected in Adsense


When you apply all the previous conditions, the approval will come from AdSense by a large percentage of 90%, but let's assume that the answer was rejection, what is the solution?, Let's see the following solutions:

The first solution: Read the rejection message that you received from AdSense, find out the reasons for rejection and address them, then resend the application again.

The second solution: This solution is preferred by all AdSense experts and those who have experience in this field, which is to fill in new data, leave the previous one such as email, determine your location more accurately, and build a new blog, and if you can also modify your name, do, like Ahmad make it ahmed and so on.


I hope that the article will be sufficient and comprehensive in all aspects, and in the event of a deficiency or error, I hope to discuss through responses, and I wish everyone success.