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We welcome all of your contacts regarding anything related to the Al Faris Live website tool. This contact form is provided to communicate with Al Fares Live website with ease, but it is preferable to communicate about one of these matters to respond as quickly as possible to the email sent.

Providing important news for Al Fares Live website - A problem you encounter in browsing the site - Sending a proposal to develop the site - Communication from the last article on the site - Communication in order to display an advertisement on the site - Communication for partnership - General inquiries.

You can search for any article within the Al-Fares Live website through the following search form, which you can use to access any site that is not on the site's home page.

For the following contact form on the page, you can contact the Al Fares Live website tool regarding anything you want about the site, and you will be answered as soon as possible from the working time available to the administration.

  • The message from the following contact form is sent directly and immediately to the site tool's email.
  • The email address is not saved in our records and no advertisements are sent to your email.
  • Please do not send the message more than once in case the response is delayed so that the message is not deleted.
  • Please choose an appropriate title for the message that briefly explains the content of the message to make it easier for us to access it.
  • It is preferable that the letter be as brief as possible so that it is easy to know its content and any details that are requested.