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When you browse our site and submit data about you, for example, by emailing us, you trust us with your information. We understand that this is a huge responsibility and we work hard to protect your information and give you control over it.

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect and why we collect it, as well as how to update, export and delete your information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that you provide to us through the Go4Kora mobile application, or through the Al Fares Live website.
This Privacy Policy has been developed in order to enhance your confidence in the privacy and safety of your personal information details.

"you" we refer to you as a user of the website.
“We” means the rider or any member of the site management.
The term "Users" refers to the users of the Site in general or individually as the context indicates. We treat all personal data and information relating to the User in strict accordance with all relevant privacy protection legislation.
This Privacy Policy has been written to show that we are committed to our visitors' complete privacy and that we will not violate anything that might violate their privacy.

+ Data collected automatically
You should know that information and data can be collected automatically through the use of text files (cookies). They are small files in which basic information is saved that a network site uses to determine repeated uses of the site, for example, to retrieve your name if it was previously entered.
These text files are not integrated into your operating system and do not harm your files. If you prefer not to collect information through the use of text files, you can follow a simple procedure with most browsers where you can refuse to download text files.

+ Data that you enter
in forms that are optionally filled in by site visitors, such as the feedback form or the contact us form. In these forms, visitors fill in their own information such as name, email, etc., and this information is used to communicate with and answer the visitor, etc. Under no circumstances may this information be provided or sold to a third party, except in the case of a judicial request that requires disclosure of this data.
However, general information may be disclosed to our advertisers such as the number of visitors per day, the rate at which pages are viewed on the Site and other statistical information that is not detrimental to the privacy of our visitors.

+ What do we do with the information you provide?
When you enter your information (such as your username, personal name, and email), you agree to keep that information on our behalf or through the services of a third-party company that processes that information on our behalf.

We may use your information, referred to above, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy for the following purposes:

to perform statistical analysis regarding visitor behavior, which we may display to third parties in a non-personally aggregated manner;
enable us to fulfill all legal requirements imposed on us;
To send you periodic communications (which includes an e-mail message) which may be a letter or a newsletter.

+ Updates
You may notify us of any updates, modifications or corrections you make to user information we have previously collected using the "Contact Us" link on the Site.
We may change the Privacy Policy from time to time so you should review it periodically. Your use of our website constitutes acceptance of the then-applicable privacy policy.
We reserve the right to change, modify or update this Privacy Policy at any time.

+ Postal messages
The site administration periodically sends various emails to its visitors. By registering in the mailing list, you agree to receive these various messages, bearing in mind that the site does not send unwanted messages to others, and the site also provides at the bottom of each message a special link for those who wish to cancel their message. Subscribe, and in the event of any complaint regarding the messaging service, you can send it to us directly via the Contact Us page on the website.

+ Unsubscribe
You can, when you want to withdraw your consent to receive periodic communications, by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in communications from us.

+ External links
The site contains links to other external sites, and also uses sites and services that analyze visitor statistics, and the site is not responsible for the privacy policy of those sites or their contents, or for the way information is collected, and by visiting our site, you acknowledge our right to use these services.
Some websites may change their addresses or stop working for a temporary or permanent period, and we will try to delete or modify these links as much as possible.
This site uses Google Adsense ads, and these ads may cause cookies and web beacons to collect simple non-personal information about the visitor, such as browser type and date... Knowing that they do not cause any harm to your computer, and are found only to improve Service and performance.
DoubleClick DART cookie: Google stores an advertising cookie in the user's browser to understand the types of pages the user visits. This information is used to serve ads based on interest categories that may be of interest to users. Users can opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

+ Protecting Your User Information
Unfortunately, data transmission over the Internet cannot be fully guaranteed. While we are fully committed to protecting your user information, we cannot guarantee the security of your user information being transmitted to the Site. Any data transmitted, including your user information, is at your own risk.
For our part, we are aware of industry standards and use security and security applications to protect user information from any illegal hacking or misuse. Therefore, when we use user information, we implement industry standard procedures and security specifications in order to prevent unauthorized access to user information.

+ Data collection
When using the Site, you may encounter areas such as forums or video services where you, as a user, are asked to enter your user information. This user information is used only for the purpose for which it was collected, and for any other purposes identified at the point of collection in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will not disclose any user information you provide to a third party without your consent, except to provide services that you have specifically requested.

+ To contact us
for inquiries or comments about this policy, please contact us