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 who are we 
A website for programming and web development professionals is a purely technical website that specializes in programming the web, programs and applications, and creating websites on the Internet. We work on our site collectively and blogging is not limited to one individual. We also open the door to anyone who has the ability to share their experiences in the field of informatics, if they want to join us by sending us a message on the Contact Us page through the site.

The site was created by Eng. Ahmed Anwar El-Feki on 11-18-2020 in order to be a basic reference in web programming, software and phone applications, and so far bloggers from all Arab countries have joined us in order to have the ability to write in all technical departments.

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Programming and Web Development Professionals Website Sections 

1- Lessons and courses section 
This section contains lessons and explanations in the field of programming, especially web programming. For everyone who loves to study programming and work with it.
- There are also lessons to learn English from the beginning to overcome the difficult stage to enter the world of technology, where English is an important language for learning computers and information technology.

2- Articles section 
This section contains important articles that specialize in working in programming and working on the Internet as a freelancer in the field of programming and profit from it.
There is also a section of this section called Technology Articles, which has a variety of articles in the field of technology, computers and websites.
Also articles on the Internet and communications, which are concerned with Internet services and routers and how to deal with them, as well as articles on mobile phone communications.

3- Programs and applications section 
This section contains two branches, namely computer programs and mobile applications, in which you will find different articles related to downloading programs for Windows, Android and iPhone applications, or explaining how to install them.

4- Blogger blogs section
It is an important section that cares about everything related to blogger blogs, and in it you will find everything you need from the beginning, how to create a Gmail email and create a blogger blog, the best free and paid blog templates, cleaning template, meta tags, creating a contact page, privacy policy, terms of use, and how to write articles on the blog and profit from it By displaying Google Adsense ads or Adsense alternatives.

5- Seo section
This section aims to learn the internal and external SEO of your site, the creation of external links (backlinks) and how to speed up the site to appear in the search engines on the first pages and get visitors and thus profit from advertisements better.

6- Freelance Department (Free Lancer)
This section of the site is concerned with freelance work on the Internet in the field of programming and how to choose the best areas of programming or others, where you can learn the best freelance sites and how to work on the Internet as a freelancer and how to receive your profits, as well as there are lessons on how to create your own website with steps and profit from it by way of placing advertisements.

Objectives of a website for programming and web development professionals

The website of programming and web development professionals aims to raise the value of Arabic content in the field of programming and programs and everything related to modern technology by providing high-value content and the availability of new and exclusive sections and articles that benefit visitors and followers.

Join  the site team 

The website for programming and web development professionals is not based on individual work, as it includes a distinguished Arab team from different countries to provide diverse and appropriate content for everyone looking for unique and distinguished articles.
And if you like blogging in web programming, programs, applications and various technical fields and know about SEO and want to join the site family, you can join through our correspondent from the contact us page on the site or one of our social media and we will be happy with you.